Blizzard presents season 16 of Diablo 3 for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch •

Blizzard unveiled season 16 of Diablo 3, which launches today on PC, and tomorrow on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch, and brings new benefits, new cosmetics and more.

On the fans front, Blizzard says that all players will benefit from The Ring of Royal Grandeur during season 16. In particular, in addition to offering various statistical adjustments, this reduces the amount of items needed to benefit from the established bonuses of the chosen clbad. by one, easily opening a gear slot. "For the uninitiated," Blizzard explains, "this means that many clbades can combine different Clbad Set bonuses in new ways, or squeeze another legendary power into their favorite creations."

The new cosmetics of season 16.

Elsewhere, players who choose to progress through the latest Diablo 3 Season Journey will be able to get a selection of new cosmetic rewards. There is the Conqueror Set, which consists of pieces from Helm and Shoulder, a new series of frames of "thematic" portraits around the call of adventure, plus The Wings of Lempo. The latter is described as "a cosmically rare drop ".

Season 16 also sees a new rotation of seasonal conquests and clbadic sets available through Haedrig & # 39; s Gift. The gifts in question can be obtained by completing Chapters 2, 3 and 4 on the last Season Trip, and they contain some pieces of a specific set of clbades.

Sets available as Haedrig's gift this season.

This time, the available sets are Immortal King & # 39; s Call (Barbarian), Seeker of the Light (Crusader), Natalya & # 39; s Vengeance (Demon Hunter), Uliana & # 39; s Stratagem (Monk), Trag & # 39 Oul & # 39; s Avatar (Necromancer), Spirit of Arachyr (Witch Doctor). ), and Amazing Arcana de Vyr (Wizard). All gifts, remember Blizzard, must be opened while using the same character to receive a complete game.

To round things off, there are a number of improvements in the quality of life and balance updates that can be found as part of the update to Season 16, all of which are detailed in more detail in the blog post that accompanies Blizzard. The last patch should be available for download in PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch imminently (if it is not already). Season 16 of Diablo 3 is now available for PC, and starts at 1 am on January 19 on consoles in the United Kingdom.

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