Blake Lively trolls Ryan Reynolds about his birthday post for his dog

Photo Credit: Instagram – Getty Images

From Harper’s BAZAAR

  • Blake Lively got the funniest response when Ryan Reynolds posted a cute Instagram for his dog’s birthday.

  • “It’s almost as sweet as your birthday post for me this year,” Lively joked.

  • Although Reynolds did not share any birthday wishes for his wife in 2020, he fed her the cake, which she stated in her reply.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds regularly troll each other on social media. This weekend, Lively had some thoughts about Reynolds’ birthday post for his dog, notably after the actor posted a tribute to his wife on his special day this year.

Sharing two cute pictures of the puppy, Reynolds wrote, “Happy birthday, box. I feed you the cake, but it will kill you. Not because you are a dog. Everything I bake is poison. If I had to go . For the war, I’ll just bring a toaster oven. “To show the intensity of his love for Bax, Reynolds also appeared to be kissing the dog’s face in one of the snaps.

Apparently, Lively commented, “It’s almost as sweet as the birthday post you made for me this year,” to which Reynolds quipped, “I made you cake.”

Although Reynolds did not share a birthday post for Lively in 2020, he helped gossip Girl Star celebration with birthday cake and biceps at home. At the time, Lively seemed very happy with Reynolds about her birthday surprise, and captioned a photo of her muscle, “Happy Birthday to Me.” However, it certainly looks like it holds an extra special place in the box Dead pool Actor’s heart.

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