Black Twitter Is Dragging Kim Kardashian for Dressing as Aaliyah for Halloween, however Is It Cultural Appropriation?


Aaliyah (“Strive Once more” screenshot by way of YouTube); Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian by way of Twitter)

Black Twitter is dragging the Kardashians once more. I do know it appears as in the event that they do one thing silly extra usually than Stephen A. Smith says one thing silly, however within the KKKKK clan’s protection (Kim, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie and the opposite one … ), they are fairly silly.

And whenever you mix stupidity with a nonexistent sense of disgrace and an unquenchable thirst for the highlight, you start to grasp why the Kardashians do stuff like steal from Tupac and Biggie, clear up riots with cans of Pepsi and marry delusional hip-hop stars.

This time, Black Twitter is up in arms over their Halloween costumes. This yr, the animated bag of Botox and plastic-surgeon silicone referred to as Kim Kardashian determined that she would have a number of costumes, all based mostly on her favourite musicians.

Appears positive, proper? Everybody thought she appeared cute when she got here out dressed as Cher, though, to be honest, 94 p.c of Black Twitter didn’t know Cher really made music. They thought she was simply that woke-bad actress who all the time shits on Donald Trump on social media.

It was when Kim switched up her outfits and dressed up as R&B singer Aaliyah that everybody’s eyebrows twitched.

You gotta admit: She nailed the costume. Effectively, really, nobody on the darkish aspect of the web would admit it. They weren’t right here for it in any respect, calling it disrespectful to the reminiscence of Aaliyah.

Different Kardashian followers took the time to level out that this wasn’t precisely cultural appropriation:

So, was it cultural appropriation?

We requested an knowledgeable (me), and the choose guidelines Kim Kardashian not responsible.

Though the time period ought to technically be referred to as “cultural misappropriation,” what most check with as cultural appropriation is the misuse of the mental property, traits, rites and symbols of a tradition. When 21-year-old white ladies put on feather headdresses to a live performance, that’s appropriating Native American tradition. When white boys put on blackface to their frat get together, it’s appropriating black tradition.

This isn’t these.

Kim is, nonetheless, responsible of the lesser cost referred to as a lane violation. What pissed off Black Twitter is the Kardashian household’s lack of knowledge as to answering crucial query pertinent in all of this:

“Why, although?”

If you happen to wished to pay homage to your musical icons, why not select somebody in addition to Aaliyah? There are 938,488,847,474,202 white individuals who have ever lived (I counted). I’m certain not less than three or 4 of them made considerably first rate music. And don’t you dare say, “However they weren’t my faves!”

Bitch, we all know you ain’t received no goddamn Cher albums!

I really like Cher with all of my coronary heart, however everybody is aware of Cher’s music was trash—even Cher. You dressed up as Cher as a result of 83 p.c of the time, Cher wears the minimal quantity of clothes required to cowl her areolae and crotch areas. And that’s positive. However it additionally proves that you simply selectively selected who you wished to be. Why didn’t you costume up as Prince Markie Dee from the Fats Boys, then? He’s a musical legend, too.

So, no, Kim Kardashian isn’t responsible of cultural appropriation this time, so y’all can chill. Or not. I don’t actually care.

I’m relatively having fun with this dragging.

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