"Black Panther" is the new "Star Wars" when it comes to the Oscars

Will the highest-grossing movie of the year, "Black Panther," receive a Best Picture nomination? It's a fair question since no Marvel movie has been in the conversation. And the question has produced so much agitation that the academy thought temporarily about adding the Best Popular Movie category. We should look at another story of popular origin that was not your typical Oscar fare, "Star Wars: IV A New Hope" of 1977, as our guide to the possible path of Oscar nomination for "Black Panther."

From George Lucas The original "Star Wars" generated a franchise that includes seven prequels and sequels and two splits to date. Luke Skywalker's original story may have been outside the comfort zone of the Oscars, but that did not stop the film from getting 10 nominations, including Best Picture; Best Director (Lucas); Best original script (Lucas); and Best Supporting Actor (Alec Guinness).

He won six races under the line: Best Movie Editing (Paul Hirsch, Marcia Lucas and Richard Chew); Best original score (John Williams) Better production design (John Barry, Norman Reynolds, Leslie Dilley and Roger Christian); Best costume design (John Mollo); Best Sound (Don MacDougall, Ray West, Bob Minkler and Derek Ball) and Best Visual Effects (John Stears, John Dykstra, Richard Edlund, Grant McCune and Robert Blalack) and won a Special Achievement Award for Sound Effects (Ben Burtt) .

How does this help Marvel and "Black Panther"?

Simply put your two stories of origin, they are not sequels. "Black Panther" as "Star Wars" is the first of its franchise. As proven by films like "The Dark Knight" (2008), the academy does not like the sequels. But can this diverse cast and crew match the number of nominations that "Star Wars" received?

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From this writing, it is expected that "Black Panther" also get 10 Oscar nominations and overlaps "Star Wars" in eight categories.

The film is currently in sixth place according to the combined odds of Gold Derby in the Best Movie career with odds of 19/2.

Both of them Ryan Coogler Y Joe Robert Cole both are expected to receive their first nomination respectively for Best Adapted Screenplay, but they sit in the bubble in fifth place with a probability of 11/1.

Ruth E. Carter is expected to win his third nomination and the first in 21 years as Best Costume Design, since he is in second place with a probability of 19/5.

Hannah Beachler is expected to be the first candidate to create Wakanda and compete for the best production design, and to be in second place with a probability of 19/5.

Also, he is expected to receive his first nomination. Ludwig Goransson for Best Original Score, he resides in the third place with odds of 9/2.

Nominated last Steve Boeddeker and expected nominated for the first time Benjamin Burtt They are also currently in third place for the Best Sound Mix with probabilities of 5/1.

And Boeddeker, pbaded four times nominated. Peter J. Devlin and another potential first timer Brandon Proctor unlike "Star Wars" will have to compete for the best sound editing, but they are in second place with odds of 4/1.

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Eight times nominated Daniel Sudick, past candidate Craig Hammackalong with would be nominated for the first time Jesse James Chisholm Y Geoffrey Baumann, they are expected to collect the film's only trophy for Best Visual Effects with a 69/20 chance.

It is also expected that "Black Panther" will pick up two nominations that "Star Wars" did not receive. Past winner Joel Harlow and nominated Ken Diaz Occupy the second of the three positions for Best Makeup and Hairdressing with a Chance of 51/20.

Y Kendrick The sea With Anthony Tiffith, Sounwave, SZA Y Al Shux will keep the best original song with the song "All Stars", since they are perfectly positioned to excel in the second place with a probability of 5/1.

But what about the Best Director, the Best Supporting Actor and the Best Movie Editing where "Star Wars" received nominations?

The cutters of the movie. Debbie Berman Y Michael P. Shwver I hope to receive your first nomination and have a good chance to achieve the Best Movie Edition five when you sit in the bubble in a close sixth place with a probability of 16/1. However, they have not yet made a list of nominees of organizations.

The candidate of criticism Michael B. Jordan he could get his first nomination for his work as Killmonger, but he will need help since he resides in a distant sixth place with a probability of 25/1. The director of the film, Coogler, will wait to accompany him and will need an impulse to be on his side, since he occupies the eighth place with odds of 44/1.

And while "Star Wars" did not get a nomination for his work with a camera, do not underestimate it. Rachel Morrison. She made history last year as the first woman to receive a Best Cinematography nomination. So, while she can sit in seventh place with a probability of 16/1, underestimating it, it could be reckless.

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