Black Ops Cold War Beta Modern War, Adds New Rewards for Warzone Players

If you took a break from call of Duty Modern Warfare And Warzone To play Black ops cold war At the end of this week, you can only know that the battles shared between the first two games will be further in the pass when you return to them. Activism announced a new reward Black ops cold war This weekend the beta testers and players are able to earn free tier skips in that modern war And Warzone Pass the battle to play the beta of the new game, but only if you reach a certain point in it before completing it.

Initial procedure for skip tier modern war And Warzone Could not be easier. All you have to do is play to drop a level in the fight pass Black ops cold war Beta under the same account you play modern war And Warzone And you will automatically drop one level ahead in the battle pass.

If you stick with the beta though, you’ll have a chance to skip more levels. Once you reach level 10 Black Ops Cold War, You will earn three additional tier skips which means you will be able to skip four levels in total. modern war And Warzone.

Is this a rare award that hardly anyone will get? By no means but if you are far away Warzone And modern war Battle passes where moving to the next tier become more challenging and start receiving better rewards, four skips can be a lot. This is also not something you really have to work for, so the award is well worth the effort. The average Call of Duty player who is enjoying himself in the beta will probably hit Level 10 with no issues, especially with Treyarch on Double XP for a while to ensure that players see everything And there is a chance to test things.

The fine print associated with the reward announcement says that you won’t get your tier skips yet, so don’t expect to see them immediately when you return Warzone or modern war. Week after Black ops cold war Beta ends, you will get a message Warzone You can redeem to get your Skype.

Black ops cold war Players can also earn two additional rewards for use in the full game when it launches and in Call of duty: mobile, So be sure to take advantage of those as well before the beta ends.