Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer introduces us to Parenting, Black Mirror Way


We already have a new season of Black Mirror and although we still do not have a release date yet, early January? New Year's Day? Good night? -Netflix has started distributing trailers so we can see them in our own black mirrors. The preview of the first episode of the next batch, "Arkangel", was withdrawn on Saturday, promising an honest episode about a mother's love for her daughter in which everything turns out great at the end.

Yes, of course.

In the trailer, a single mother and her adorable daughter live together in a small suburban street, playing hide and seek and generally having a good time until the day the daughter disappears from a local playground. The mother recruits neighbors to help her in her frantic search. Although the child is finally found, the incident leads her to take her daughter to a center for an experimental treatment. If the injection of a doctor injecting [ad_2]
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