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Black Mirror: Season 4 Happy Episodes – Today's news: our take

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Black Mirror : Will the new season show some optimism?

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Black Mirror ] will help you play the New Year now that Netflix announces The fourth season of the anthology will debut on Friday, December 29, but like 2018 it has so much mysterious potential, each season of Black Mirror is a Blend of gloomy divination and optimistic optimism. And that is by design.

While it is true that every season of Charlie Brooker's twisted gaze on the relationship between technology and society is strongly tilted towards darkness, some episodes have been downright optimistic. In fact, some may be so full of joyful emotions that they override other nightmare tales about virtual reality or criminal punishment through repeated recreations of terror.

Take the excellent "San Junipero" from last season, for example. It is an episode that ran into even the staunchest fans Black Mirror with their story of eternal love that lived beyond our mortal realm thanks to advanced computer simulations. But will Season 4 continue the trend of the series falling into some happier moments?

Black Mirror Finally announces the release date in New Trailer

"I think the good thing about [ Black Mirror ] is so many genres in the genre, and Charlie does not have fear of [go] go down the rabbit hole and say, "Take the blue pill, take whatever it is", Rosemarie DeWitt, the star of season 4 & # 39; Arkangel "tells TV Guide. "So I would not be surprised if we saw something satirical or funny or stimulating."

Okay, but which of the new episodes can fans expect to bring tears of joy instead of tears or terror?

"I think the USS Callister definitely has some satire and some madness," Jodie Foster, who directed "Arkangel," tells us. "I think it's wilder than maybe any of the other episodes."

While it is difficult to live up to the high standards of "San Junipero", we can say that there is an episode this season that is close to reaching its most sincere message. And it is no "The USS Callister", even though there is a strong parody there. You will have to wait until season 4 to discover which one.

Black Mirror Season 4 premieres on Friday, December 29 on Netflix.

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