Black college student says campus police erupts after false report

A black college student in Texas said campus police raided his dorm room with his gun, after which a group of mostly white students falsely accused him.

The incident occurred on September 14 at Stephen F. Austin State University in Necondo, Texas, about 160 miles southeast of Dallas.

Attorney Randall Cullinan said at a press conference on Monday that his client, Christine Evans, was sleeping in his dorm when around 3 a.m. he saw officers pulling with guns and his eyes lighted up.

Callinan mentioned a 26-year-old black woman who was shot by Louisville police during a drug raid at her home in March.

Kristin Evans, a freshman at Stephen F. Austin State University, says she was the victim of a racist set orchestrated by her white roommates, which led to police closing her door room with guns in the middle of the night.KPRC

The lawyer said, “Fortunately, the police did not shoot Kristin Evans.”

Cullinan said police were called to the dorm after a mostly white group of 10 students accused Evans of threatening to stab someone with a knife. Three of those involved were Evans’ roommates, said the lawyer, who demanded that all 10 students be expelled and charged with the crime.

Calinan told NBC affiliate KPRC in Houston that he believed the incident was racially motivated. In a press release, he accused the students of “swatting”, a dangerous prank that involves making false reports in an attempt to elicit a police response to another person’s address.

The lawyer said, “These adults should be punished for ‘swatting’ and Kristin should be tried to falsely arrest and kick her out of school.”

Calinan said campus police reviewed the dorm surveillance video that revealed Evans had done nothing wrong. But the family said that two weeks after the incident, they are still waiting for the school.

The university president said in a statement The school posted on Twitter on Monday that the school “takes the matter very seriously” and is under investigation.

President Scott Gordon said, “Filing a false report violates the SFA’s code of conduct and violates the law as well.”

He said, “My heart goes out to the young woman who was an innocent victim in this case.” “We will do all we can to support him and his family through this heinous process.”

Stephen F. Austin enrolls about 13,000 students this semester, about 13.9 percent of whom are black, 59.2 percent white, and 19.3 percent Hispanic, most of whom are of Asian or two or more races, according to a school report.

University and campus police did not immediately return requests for comment on Tuesday.

Campus Police Chief John Fields said in a video-recorded statement sent to KPRC that the university is “investigating a racially diverse group of students in an incident that included a false report from the University Police Department.”

Fields said “responsible students will be held accountable for their actions at every possible level.”

Evans, 17, said she was looking forward to her freshman year in college, but the exam made it difficult for her.

“I’m taking it once a day,” she said at the news conference, getting emotional.

Lahondra Evans said, “I want justice for my daughter. She did nothing.”

Kallinan said Evans closed the dorm rooms and continued to take classes at the university.

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