Black Churches Say Donald Trump Election Advertisement Promotes ‘White Terrorism’ World News

Leaders of the Black American Church have accused Donald Trump of instigating “white terrorism” that is against people of color and depicts churches as “thugs” in a presidential election campaign advertisement.

They are calling for or threatening to remove the advertisement’s display and federal protection from any bias.

The video, named after supporters of Meet Joe Biden, is online and shows violent scenes of burning buildings and police cars in front of the altar with members of the black clergy and community at the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. Leaders in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Vice President Mike Pence’s candid voice is heard saying, “Joe Biden you won’t be safe in America.” He then cuts to the text that reads: “Stop Joe Biden and his rioters.”

The AME Church on Monday denied the advertisement, stating that the church is linked to violence and that “those who have gathered there are ‘thugs’.” Meanwhile, Bethel pastor Sylvester Beaman told Religion News Service (RNS): “The ad is racist and offensive on many levels.”

The statement, whose signature includes Bishop Michael L. Mitchell, president of the AME Council of Bishops, and Bishop Frank Madison Reed III, chairman of the church’s Commission on Social Action, said: “This advertisement provokes whites against people of color and attack . ” Black churches and black people refuse to bow down to a statue called white supremacy. ”

He called for an “immediate apology” for Bethel AME Church and Beaman, removing all network for advertising and “federal protection” for the church, its staff and the community.

He called on the Federal Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to launch an investigation into “the misrepresentation of the Trump campaign and the legality of photoshopping images” and “inciting language” that could provoke violence, and encourage racial tension That motivates people to keep it. Colored in harm’s way ”.

Referring to the advertisement, Reid told the Guardian: “In one word it was horrific, another word, divisive, and third it was devastating.”

He said: The Church has brought the violent institution into the United States for centuries to attack against any Black person, man or woman, any Black institution who would dare to stand up and speak out against white supremacist practices. Culture, Politics, Spirituality and Finance. ”

Referring to the recent murders in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where an armed, white agitator shot and killed two people who were protesting the police firing of a black man, and in an ambush over the weekend During the shooting of a depiction of two sheriffs in Los Angeles, Reid said. : “There is a culture of violence, which is stirred up by those with political agendas.”

This warning, he said, is “a warning to the nation and to alert people of color that this election and these shootings and this violence are all abominations that white supremacists have incited hatred”.

However he said he is sure the church in Willington is “ready” after the advertisement, that in the current climate they “need federal protection until this thing calms down”.

The statement said the FBI was investigating vandalism against “multiple” AME churches and that they are “continuing to confront” the shooting of a white supremacist artist at Mother Emanuel Church in Carolina, South Korea.

“We are apprehensive that the history of burning and bombing of black churches has caused a panic among political parties that have lost their moral decay. We are deeply concerned that white supremacist lynchings, murders and murders of black men and women, boys and girls in the past, present and future are planned, ”he said.

The Trump and Biden campaigns, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security did not respond to the Guardian’s requests for comment.

The Deputy National Press Secretary of the Trump campaign, Samantha Zagar, previously denied the ad that Black churches make America unsafe, stating: “This is absurd and shameful to accuse.” ”

A spokesman for the FBI said: “According to our general policy, the FBI does not confirm or refute the existence of the investigation. We have no further comments. ”