Bjork celebrates the eruption of the Icelandic volcano

A volcano in Iceland spews red-hot lava after 6,000 years of inactivity, causing singer Bjork, who lives just 6 miles away, to burst with joy.

“YES !! , rash !! “wrote on Instagram about the dramatic outbreak on the Reykjanes Peninsula, 20 miles southwest of the capital Reykjavik.

“In iceland we are so excited !!! She was oozing.

“We still have it !!! feeling of relief when nature expresses itself !!! enjoy, warmth, björk “.

As “PD,” she included a photo of herself from her 2015 “Black Lake” video, which shows her kneeling in a volcanic ash pit.

“This photo was taken where the eruption is… we filmed“ black lake ”there…. 30 minutes from my house, ”he said effusively.

The eruption, described as relatively small by local volcanologists, is the first in the area in nearly 800 years.

Bjork and his neighbors likely do not need to be evacuated because the eruption is in a remote valley, a mile and a half from the nearest highway.

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