Bizarre Super Mario Odyssey glitch permits Cappy to kill Mario


Trouble in Piranha Plant paradise

Ha, this is not one thing I anticipated to return up throughout my Super Mario Odyssey travels, however right here we’re. As discovered by Twitter consumer DefinitivNichtSascha, apparently there is a manner for Cappy to really kill Mario.

In the video, they seize a Piranha Plant enemy, then proceed to spin Cappy and squish mentioned plant. After doing mentioned deed Mario appears to be lifeless and buried, however the recreation continues with Cappy swishing about within the air, searching for a grasp to reside on that now not exists.

It’s simply countered by quick touring so it is not game-breaking — no, we are able to chalk this one up within the humorous column. This recreation is so deep that there are myriad methods persons are making an attempt to interrupt it!

I discovered a glitch in #SuperMarioOdyssey‘s 2 Player-mode that lets Cappy kill Mario when capturing a Piranha Plant. #NintendoSwitch

— DefinitivNichtSascha (@NichtSascha) November 13, 2017

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