Bizarre Martian lake with therapeutic properties might include identical tiny life types that exist on Red Planet


A weird ‘Martian’ lake – that’s mentioned to have therapeutic properties – might include the identical tiny life types that exist on the Red Planet.

The Spotted Lake in British Columbia, Canada, options lots of of various colored swimming pools, every mentioned to have completely different medical advantages, in keeping with legend.

For instance, one pool would possibly badist with somebody struggling with warts, whereas one other pool can be extra useful for physique aches and joint ache.

But maybe extra impressively, the lake incorporates the best focus of sulphates seen anyplace on the planet.

In truth, consultants over at The Science Channel, who’ve studied the lake say that it is like an enormous “chunk of Mars has somehow broken off and travelled 33 million miles.”

The Spotted Lake options lots of of miniature swimming pools

Each brine-filled pool is alleged to have completely different therapeutic properties, in keeping with legend

It implies that the ‘martian-type lake’ might include ‘martian-type life’

Experts mentioned: “Analysis of water from Spotted Lake reveals that organisms are certainly dwelling within the swimming pools.

“It’s like Mars has come to Earth, and in these bizarre holes are clues to life on the Red Planet.”

Biochemist Rollie Williams added: “It’s potential that some sort of life like that may be present on Mars, which might be an insane discovery.”

Tiny organisms dwelling within the swimming pools could possibly be the identical as these dwelling on Mars

The lake is exclusive in that it has no outflow. There are not any streams operating in or out of the water.

Collections of saline and brine have pooled collectively in several portions all through the lake, leaving the phenomenon of the unusual circles that may be clearly seen from an aerial view.

One such pool incorporates Epsom salts, mentioned to be efficient for curing rheumatism and arthritis.

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