Bizarre! Indore man declares himself ‘King’ of 800-square-mile unclaimed land on Egypt-Sudan border


Suyash Dixit declared himself KING of unclaimed land on
Suyash Dixit declared himself KING of unclaimed land on Egypt-Sudan borderPhoto:FACEBOOK

In a weird incident, an Indian adventurer has declared himself the ruler of an unclaimed strip of land in North Africa and is encouraging events to use for citizenship. 

Hailing from Indore, the 24-year-old businessman travelled 319 km to Bir Tawil – an 800-square-mile strip of land south of the Egyptian border and the one place on Earth the place people can dwell and survive that’s not part of any state or nation – and declared it his personal. 

On November 7, he added a life occasion on Facebook that learn:

“I, Suyash Dixit, first of my title and the protector of the realm, declare myself because the king of “Kingdom of Dixit”. I name myself, King Suyash First from at the moment. I declare this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil as my nation from now to the eternity of time. I pledge to proceed to work for the prosperity of my individuals of the nation and this motherland.”

“I traveled 319KM (to and fro) in far desert with no roads to claim this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil. This 800 sq.miles of land belongs to no country. It is the only place on earth where humans can live and survive but is not a part of any state/country. Following the early civilization ethics and rule, if you want to claim a land then you need to grow crops on it. I have added a seed and poured some water on it today. It is mine.”

“It was an epic journey starting from Abu Simbel at 4am. I took help from a local driver Mustafa for the car and most part of driving. When I told him about the plan first he thought I am crazy but then he agreed (yeah I paid him a lot). I and @Suyog spent 2 nights planning a highly optimised route for my travel where we can take the car.”

India Tv - Suyash Dixit declared himself KING of unclaimed land on Egypt-Sudan borderSuyash Dixit declared himself KING of unclaimed land on Egypt-Sudan border

“Just to inform how harmful this plan was, the route that I took is underneath Egyptian navy (it’s a world border) and is an space of terrorists so navy have a “shoot at sight” orders. But, in case your bucket checklist concepts should not scary sufficient then they don’t seem to be price attempting! And sure you want permissions to even enter the route that takes to this place. We received on three situations, no images of navy areas (which is sort of the whole lot), you be again within the single day and you don’t carry valuables. We drove for six hours straight in the midst of the desert and barren lands and crossing 1 navy base to the placement. We noticed pure sand dunes, rocky hills, and canyons on our approach. I left all my valuables again and instructed my native buddy Esraa (she was very indignant once I instructed her this plan initially so I kinda lied to her! Sorry Esraa! ) that if I’m not again by midnight.. name the police. Now I do know I’m not the primary one to be there. Now I do know that some 5-10 people have carried out it up to now as nicely however that is my land now (as I’ve formally planted the seeds following the principles) and if they need it again, there can be a conflict (over a cup of espresso on the Starbucks in all probability)!”

We discovered 2 locations to place our flag. 1 we name it the capital of KoD and different the place we begin our borders. In this epic voyage, there have been instances we thought the automotive simply can’t make any removed from right here or we don’t have sufficient gasoline now or we simply don’t have time to cross that hill however a bit of braveness and a few math is all you want generally. 

I discovered one thing from this journey… by no means attempt something like this ever once more!

We are opening overseas investments to our nation and nationality purposes from our web site:

India Tv - Suyash Dixit declared himself KING of unclaimed land on Egypt-Sudan borderSuyash Dixit declared himself KING of unclaimed land on Egypt-Sudan border

Here are some thrilling stats about KoD.

Name: Kingdom of Dixit (KoD)


Current inhabitants of nation: 1

Capital metropolis: Suyashpur

Ruler: King Suyash I

Date of multinational: Nov. 5, 2017

National animal: lizard (I didn’t see some other animal there)

I hereby declare Suyog Dixit because the appearing Prime Minister and the Head of Military (if we’ve got any) from at the moment. We are accepting purposes for different posts. 

I’m proud to announce my father because the President of KoD as a birthday present to him. Happy birthday Papa!

Life is both an unbelievable journey or it’s nothing in any respect. If you aren’t doing one thing epic, you’re gonna find yourself in a one more grave. And it needed to work as I used to be the one pbadenger in flight to Abu Simbel, I used to be already too pleased! 😀

I’m the king! (Please?) 

This isn’t any joke, I personal a rustic now! Time to put in writing an e mail to UN.”

The United Nations has 4 standards for statehood: a everlasting inhabitants, an outlined territory, a authorities and he skill to enter into relations with one other state.

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