Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase has more users than Schwab stockbroker

The largest bitcoin exchange operator in the US UU It has more users than the runner Charles Schwab.

Alistair Milne co-founder and investment director of the Altana Digital Currency Fund, 148 percent more than 4.7 million ago a year ago. [19659003] Until Sunday, that number had grown to 13.3 million, according to Milne data, that was after an increase of 300,000 users in the last week alone.

Coinbase is the leading platform through which Americans bought an digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. the second largest broker by badets under management, according to Investopedia. Fidelity ranks first.

A representative of Schwab did not immediately respond to a telephone call and requested a comment via email.

Source: Schwab report, badysis by Alistair Milne of the Coinbase data. Blank spaces indicate months without data.

Bitcoin exceeded $ 9,000 for the first time over the weekend, with just one week adding $ 1,000, helped by an increase in investor interest in Thanksgiving holidays and the shopping event of Black Friday.

The digital currency reached a record high of $ 9,732.76 on Monday morning, according to CoinDesk, and was trading near $ 9,580 in the afternoon.

Undoubtedly, comparing Coinbase with traditional stockbrokers is not exactly apples to apples.

The Coinbase website indicates that the company has exchanged more than $ 50 billion in digital currency. The market value of bitcoin was around $ 160 billion, slightly more than that of General Electric.

In contrast, the total badets of Schwab's clients reached a record $ 3.26 billion at the end of October.

Fidelity had 24.9 million brokerage accounts at the end of June, according to the latest data available on the company's website. The total badets of the clients were $ 6.2 billion.

But the key to bitcoin is its impressive rate of growth. Coinbase has more than doubled the number of users in 12 months. If that pace continues, the company will have at least 26.6 million users next November, more than Fidelity had this summer.

"Yes, Charles Schwab has many more badets in his accounts than Coinbase users, but the idea that cryptocurrency users are just a marginal part of the financial universe is not accurate," Bespoke said in the publication. [19659003] The world's largest futures market, CME, plans to launch bitcoin futures in the second week of December. The measure will mark one more step towards the legitimacy of a digital badet that was once the focus of some cryptocurrency developers.

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