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Bitcoin, ethereum and ripple return after the massive sale of crypto

"Trading volumes yesterday were very noisy as the bulls and bears struggled and a kind of calm appeared in the markets after what has been a severe correction," said Charles Hayter, CEO of the comparison site. CryptoCompare digital coins. in an email on Thursday.

"The new has a lot to play with," said Hayter, adding that "this market is now big and governments are receiving revenue for the coffers as well as a threat in some degrees." This will catalyze regulation in which regimes that legislate with severity will be balkanized to the industry. "

Hayter said that the regulation of cryptocurrencies "will be good in the long term," but warned that "unnecessary hoops and bureaucracy" could inhibit the potential of the industry. [19659002] Regulators have expressed concern about digital assets because of their extremely volatile nature and concerns that they may be used for illicit activities.

Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at eToro, said: "Now that the reasons for the recent liquidation are clearer for all and slightly sour regulatory concerns have been discounted and Asian premiums are coming late, operators will probably start to focus on the technical aspects, so barring any unforeseen news, operators should start looking for fund. "

Greenspan told CNBC on Tuesday that South Korean and Japanese investors typically pay a premium of "20 percent or more per currency."

Disclaimer: this story has been modified to reflect the fact that bitcoin lost more than 50 percent from its December peak, instead of over the course of two days.

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