Bird droppings on Monday: where the Orioles are headed for the worst record –

Bird droppings on Monday: where the Orioles are headed for the worst record

Hello, friends.

Another day has dawned with the Orioles last in the East of the American League. They follow the leaders of the co-division, the Yankees and the Red Sox, by 17.5 games, and are 7.5 games behind the fourth place, the Rays. Currently, no MLB team has more defeats than the Orioles' 32.

The only notable talent that O 2018 possess is the ability to lose games of all kinds. The one they tried on Sunday afternoon is one where they got 13 hits and still have not scored a single race. That is hard to do. In a game of nine innings, the Orioles had never done it before. At least they finally won a game on the road and broke that streak.

Check out Joe Wedra's summary of Sunday's game for some of the less friendly totals.

The good news, as it is, is that the 2018 Orioles are five games away from where the 1988 Orioles went through so many games. Those pitiful Or were 9-37 in their first 46 games, and they did not win their 14th game until they were 14-42. Then, unless the Orioles lose their next eight games, they will stay ahead of the 1988 O's, at least for now. The 2018 O are on track to win 49 games, which is five less than the 1988 team.

The Chicago White Sox await the O this week in what will be a battle to determine who is the worst team in MLB . The White Sox, with a winning percentage of .302, are the only MLB team with a worse record than the .304 winning percentage the Orioles play.

In the sphere of the blog

Davis has a free day as strikeout total climbs? (Roch School)
The answer to this question turned out to be yes. Another southpaw waits tonight. Does Buck Showalter sit down with Davis again?

Adam Jones loses to the Red Sox with a disease after getting three singles (Baltimore Sun)
Jones should remain quite ill to be out of alignment to start the game on Monday too, but still, recover soon , Adam.

Movement in the minors: Promotions for Means, Gonzalez, Baumann, and more (Baltimore Baseball)
Several pitchers of the Orioles promoted during the weekend. In Baltimore Baseball, Dean Jones runs to whom he goes where, along with the view of the farm at this time.

David Hess taught difficult lessons about the long ball in the loss to the Red Sox
Hess gave up three home runs on Sunday. The lesson of one of those home runs is that Fenway Park is a joke stadium. The other two, well … MLB is difficult.

Jace Peterson in his connection with a former Oriole (Steve Melewski)
When the Orioles claimed Jace Peterson, he called Nick Markakis, with whom he had been teammates in Atlanta, to find out what is what.

Sunday Notes: Idea of ​​the Buck Showalter Referee (Fangraphs)
In the Fangraphs notes column, Buck suggests that each team must add a former player to the referee group each season. Well OK.

Birthdays and anniversaries

A current Oriole has a birthday today. Happy 27th birthday to Joey Rickard.

There are also several former Orioles with birthdays today. They are: 2009-16 catcher Matt Wieters, 2014 reliever Andrew Miller, 1999 five-man Tommy Davis, short-lived Chris Widger 2006 and Bob Molinaro eight of 1979.

Today's your birthday? Happy Birthday! His birthday friends for today include: engineer Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis (1792), priest / volcanologist Giuseppe Mercalli (1850), baseball manager of the Hall of Fame Bobby Cox (1941), fool-pitier Mr. T (1952) , and rapper Extraordinarily great (1972).

On this day of history …

In 293, the two Roman co-emperors of the time, Diocletian and Maximilian, named Galerius as Caesar for Diocletian. This marked the end of the Crisis of the third century and the beginning of the Tetrarchy period of Roman history.

In 1792, the Unzen Mountain of Japan exploded, giving rise to a megatsunami that killed 14,524 people. This is the deadliest tsunami in history.

In 1881, Clara Barton established the American Red Cross in Washington, DC

In 1904, the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) was founded in Paris.

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris, completing the first nonstop flight alone across the Atlantic Ocean. Five years later, exactly the same day, Amelia Earhart was forced to land in a pastureland in Northern Ireland, however, she became the first woman to complete a flight across the Atlantic Ocean.


And so it is at Birdland on May 21, or at least, until something happens later when the Orioles play the White Sox. Be safe on Monday. Ahead!

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