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Billy Mitchell publishes a video statement about his high-scoring records, votes to clear his name

In case the news was missed last week, Billy Mitchell, who is considered the best Donkey Kong player in the world, was stripped of his high scoring records in Twin Galaxies, after the evidence indicated that he achieved his highest scores through a MAME emulator. As a result, all of your records have been deleted, and you are no longer allowed to compete.

Since it happened, he has not said a word, although many people have given their bit – including Billy's main competitor of The King of Kong: A handful of barracks, Steve Wiebe .

But today, directly from the show at the Midwest Gaming Classic, Mitchell finally posted an answer, noting that he did no wrong and that he has "evidence" that he got those scores fairly and squarely. You can see the video above, but here is a breakdown of what it says in the quick response:

"I have been asked to address issues that are recently in the media," he begins. "The fact is that professional due diligence is now under way to investigate things that happened 35 years ago, in a professional manner, not in a shock mentality designed to create success."

"We will show everything that has been done. fact; everything was done professionally, according to the rules, according to the scoreboard, the integrity that was established, not 2014 forward by the current regime that wants to go back 35 years.

"Everything will be transparent, everything will be available". I wish I had it in my hands right now. I wish I could deliver it to you. But it is taking a considerable amount of time.

"Witnesses, documents, everything will be available to you, nothing will be withheld, you absolutely have my commitment to that, we've been in this since 1982, and it's not going to stop now."

So, instead of taking a angry and vengeful tone, Mitchell seems calm, fresh and focused, and vowing to gather his evidence and show that the high scores are his despite everything that points to the opposite.

Twin Galaxies has not yet posted an answer, and the video is starting to circulate on social networks, so we'll see what everyone says collectively as it gains traction throughout the night. However, for now, we note that the video has a much higher approval rating than thumbs up …

If you want to know more about the battle of Donkey Kong The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is now available on home video.


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