Billy Ellish guest ‘The Oral History of the Office’ Podcast: Exclusive First Look

This July, Brian Baumgartner launched a weekly podcast called Spotify An oral history of the office. In each episode, Baumgartner, who played the role of Kevin Malone in the hit American series, features cast and crew members to discuss favorite memories, special behind-the-scenes moments and more.

But, like all good things, the 12-episode podcast will kick off on Tuesday (September 15) – but not without a very special guest. Finale of the show The Office Super Fan Billy Illish.

For the show’s episode, Eilish first met head-to-head with the show’s Rain Wilson (who plays Dwight Shruta) BillboardOf Inquiry And proved that she knows the show inside and out.

Here, Eilish talks to a very special ending with Baumgartner and Steve Carell (who played Michael Scott), titled “Beauty in Ordinary Things … – The Legacy of the Office (2013-present)” . ” During the episode, Eilish speculates on the show’s enduring legacy and ability to draw in new generations of fans, while Baumgartner interviewed the fan to tell Scratton how the show affected the city. Other artists – including Jenna Fisher (Pam Beasley) and John Krasinski (Jim Helper) – fell in virtually as well.

“this is madness!” Says Eilish, who teamed up with Face just a few days after this year’s Gramizi Bahi. “I don’t need them all, you can have one,” he joked. Eilish’s mother Maggie also popped in to confirm that Eilish watches the “day and night” show.

18-year-old Ilish describes his favorite character as Michael, and admits that he has watched the entire series 14 times – mostly on his iPhone. “Honestly, because I’m growing up, every time I see it, I understand something new because I started [age] 12. I know most things are The Office. I swear to God. ”

She concludes: “It takes me away from the reality of my life. It’s a safe place.”

The full episode will be available here on Tuesday.