Billy Eilish’s Virtual Concert: Here’s What Happened

Billie Eilish performed a virtual concert tonight (October 24), which aired live from Los Angeles. She appeared alongside her brother Finnes and drummer Andrew Marshall. See full set list below.

Eilish opened the show in a flood of red lights on an extended set, which allowed for various immersive digital effects on each song. Her performances of “Zaini” and “My Future” matched the look of the music video for the songs. He and Phineas were seen performing in space with a giant gray monolith during “I Love You” and before starting the song, they said they were working on a new album to follow last year When we all go to sleep, where do we go?

At the end of “All the Good Girls Go to Hell”, a message was read on the set that read “NO MUSIC ON A DE PLENET.” After finishing that song, Illish encouraged his fans to vote, noting how important it is for young people to participate. “I voted last week, it was a lot of fun, very exciting,” he said, adding, “We’ve got something to do, because the world is dying, and people are dying, and Trump is the worst.” . ”

Billy Illish:

Bury a friend

You should see me in a crown

Ocean Eyes


I love you


No time to die

When party over

All the good girls go to hell

Everything i wanted

my future

bad man


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