Billboard advertisement featuring Kim Jong Un eating slam as racist

A giant hoarding advertisement in Wales featured a Kim Jong Un calling him “Ahhh, Soul”, which would be torn down by passers-by after he described it as racist.

A 50-foot advertisement on the Newport Road in Cardiff by Soulful Food Company shows North Korean Despot with its commentary from bowl to bowl eating.

The term appears to be based on the words “ah, so, the Japanese word” ō sō, “which is used to show understanding, but is also used to stereotype the East Asian pronunciation, which Sun has Reported.

Social media users pulled up a London-based vegetarian food company for their voice-deaf advertisement.

According to Wells Online, “I just want to know why Soulful Food Company thought that such a racist advertisement in November 2020 would be a good idea.”

“How did it come to the point that the NO ONE on your team recognized that it was racist?” The other one asked.

“Do you have any non-white people on it and what position are they in? absolutely ridiculous.”

But not everyone took offense, one person said: “The best bit of advertising. All reviews prove that people actually notice things, especially when it is controversial to some people. I personally think it is fantastic and my day is bright. “

The company is also behind President Trump’s dinner plate and hoardings holding a fork with the slogan: “Mexican. I love them,” according to the Sun. “

A company representative said: “We are really sorry that we have committed a crime and feel that we have misbehaved with this advertisement. Our intention was to expose the world right now but we need more soul, but we get the message wrong. Got it. We will take them down as soon as possible. “


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