Bill QB Josh Allen’s thoughts on franchise tag: ‘Eww’

Josh Allen’s seemingly unprecedented upgrade in 2020 put the Buffalo Bills quarterback on the path to a massive payout as he becomes eligible for a new contract extension this offseason.

Allen, one of the most important young talents in the NFL, doesn’t worry about the future. The QB joined “Ten Questions with Kyle Brandtand reiterated being patient with a long-term contract.

“When it happens, it happens,” Allen repeated a familiar refrain we’ve heard from both sides this offseason.

Pushed further, Allen admitted that obviously doing something sooner rather than later would be ideal, but he’s not wasting time campaigning for a new contract.

“There are a lot of different ways to do it,” Allen told Brandt. “Honestly, I love playing soccer. I want to listen and participate in the contract negotiations. Ultimately, this is why you pay your agents and why you hire a guy like (Bills general manager) Brandon Beane and ( assistant general manager) Joe Schoen, and the guys at the front office and what they do. They will sort out the details, and if we can come up with something soon, obviously I’d love to be locked up in Buffalo for a long time. It’s a place that I call at home. I love being there. I love the fan base. I love the city. It’s all I want, it’s there. If they called and wanted to talk tomorrow, I’d be willing, but we’ll see. I’ll cross that bridge when we get there. “

Neither the Bills nor Allen have seemed eager to get a long-term extension at this point. These big extensions typically come to the quarterbacks later in the summer, after the front office has taken care of its draft responsibilities.

Beane previously noted this offseason in the Cluster and flow podcast with NFL Network’s Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche that if an extension doesn’t come this year, it could happen next offseason.

Allen cleverly declined to comment when asked about Beane’s date.

“I think Brandon Beane is extremely good at his job, and he gets paid to be the general manager of the Buffalo Bills, and I get paid to be the quarterback,” he said. “Until some of that changes, I’ll be, like I said, the best version of myself, the best quarterback, the best teammate that I can be for the Bills.”

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