Bill Maher is booed for booking Ann Coulter in "Real Time"

She will appear on the show next week and probably will also be booed.

Janet Van Ham

"Real Time" returned last night after a two-month break, and Bill Maher lost little time provoking controversy, this time from his own studio audience. During a panel discussion with former congressman Barney Frank, Maher received boos from the crowd when he announced that Ann Coulter would be on the show next week.

"Yes, that's called a news creator, a policy maker, you'll have to stink that up," he said in response to the vocal disapproval of his audience. Coulter has appeared in "Real Time" on several occasions over the years, and the two are friends despite having diametrically opposed political views.

It was not the first time that Coulter was mentioned the night before. During his monologue, which focused on the continued closure of the government as well as on the latest revelations about Donald Trump and his inner circle, Maher alluded to the fact that Coulter and other Fox News personalities have the president's ear when it comes to decisions important policies. "Of course Trump was not having that, nobody puts the man-baby in the corner," Maher said of Trump's enmity with Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. "He told me: & # 39; I'm not going to let a woman push me, is Ann Coulter okay with that? & # 39;"

Both Maher and Coulter love the controversy, and it is likely that neither will bother this response, or the fact that they will probably receive more boos during the "Real Time" episode next Friday.

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