Bill Maher insults Kylineny Conway on ‘Real Time’

HeyN the evening of 7 January, an entire day after an army of Trump fanatics – on presidential orders – instigated the US Capitol on a mission to overthrow the government, place congressmen and kill a police officer in the process , Released by Kellyanne Conway a statement On twitter In it, one of Trump’s most loyal and semi-credible advisers condemned the events as “outrageous and unforgivable”, after which his former boss “condemned the violence, acknowledged the certified election results and the ‘peaceful transfer’ Committed to. For power ‘for the Biden-Harris administration.’

The wildly false claim was met with a near-universal raised eyebrow, including Kellyanne’s own teenage daughter, who told her mother (via Tickcock), “You can be your army rioter.” How do you feel about it? “

Well, Kellyanne — who ever invented a terrorist attack in the “Bowling Green Massacre” —conceived Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday Night For its 19Th season premiere. Kellyanne and Maihar have a history of coming back to their ABC shows Politically unfair, And, perhaps because she could no longer be of any use, the comedian finally conducted a (sorta) challenging interview with the professional observer and lie-teller (between Smile and Yuk-Yuk, of course).

After joking about his inaugural costume, Kellynen admitted that he tried to send a message to Trump on January 6, as his followers (again, at his instigation) were storming the US Capitol, when he There was absolutely nothing.

“The president talked to the people first to get out of their hell,” Conway said. I told the person standing next to them, ‘Please just say my name in the chorus of people, You have to ask them to get out. I don’t know what they are doing, why they are there, but ask them to get out. “

Maher then said: “You must accept that the reason they were there is that they never won the election.”

“Well, I did a long time ago,” Conway replied, rather hollowly. “I think the real disappointment for people like me is that the last two months, let’s say from November 6 to January 6, most were not talking about the achievements, reviewing the achievements. They’ve got the most from us. Built a big economy. ”

Well, they are no better now! Many of them are dead.

“They made it? It was too much Make, “Fired Maiher back, neglecting to mention that as of Trump’s office, there are 10.7 million people out of work – a number that remained unchanged from December to January, as Trump spent all his time on cable. Spent watching the news, complaining about the election., And yes, encouraging a violent attack on the US Capitol and Congress, including his Vice President Mike Pence.

Kellinen offered more unaffiliated defenses to Trump’s presidency, in which he “rebuilt the military” (it was never strict) and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, a blank gesture if ever there was one.

Then, he gave the kicker: “I mean, you can’t deny that many people are better.”

“Well, they’re no better now!” Maihar landed. “There are many of them The dead. “

Yes, even though Kellinen spent the last two months of Trump’s election praising his (meager) list of so-called achievements, Trump and his ministers would have spent better time trying to curb a deadly epidemic. His inaction — one that has claimed close to 400,000 lives and inspired millions in poverty.

Embarrassing, really.


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