Bill Maher and Megyn Kelly argue that whites are being attacked

IIt’s no secret that Bill Maher has a kind of soft spot for conservative blonde women who peddle inflammatory views, seeing them as fellow culture warriors in an ongoing (and bloated) crusade against “political correctness.”

For years, the comic has been good friends with Ann Coulter, who has been a frequent guest on his various shows, where she has been treated with boyish gloves (despite her often racist views). And now, he has repeatedly offered his popular HBO platform to Megyn Kelly, who was fired from NBC after defending white people dressed as black faces on Halloween.

During his last Real time In her January 2020 appearance, Maher proclaimed that Kelly was “not really a racist” and blamed the “cancellation culture” for her firing. His full-throated defense of Kelly made no mention of his long history of engaging in racism, including his former Fox News show referring to Michelle Obama as “Obama’s baby mama”; his strange obsession with the “New Black Panthers” as a tremendous threat to society; his disgusting disgust for depictions of a black Santa Claus; calling a black teenage girl who was assaulted at a Texas pool party by a “not holy” police officer; and saying that black communities in America have a “thug mentality.” These are just a few examples of its “Mentality” towards blacks in America.

Well Maher invited Kelly to come back Real time on Friday night to discuss (you guessed it!) issues of culture war, which they perceive as the most pressing issue in the country amid a global pandemic that has killed more than 500,000 Americans and left millions more in the poverty (and has disproportionately affected Black and Hispanic Communities).

Maher began by gawking at Kelly’s black dress, referring to it as her old “Fox News” outfit, and calling it the “pretty, blonde, normal” on the net surrounded by “monsters.” He then asked if he could work for the current version of Fox News, which has leaned more to the right in the Trump era.

“There are personalities there who were far-right during the Trump administration, right? Maria Bartiromo sounded very different from when I was there. Lou Dobbs sounded the same as always, ”Kelly replied.

Then they got to the real reason Maher invited Kelly to the show: his recent decision to pull his kids out of the New York City private school, citing how the “leftist” school was teaching his kids critical theory. of the breed at too young an age. Kelly has been yelling from the rooftops about this school situation in an apparent effort to draw attention to her new podcast.

“You took your kids out of school in New York, and I’ve heard, anecdotally, the same thing from a lot of parents,” said Maher, who is likely dating a group of New York parents. “Just tell us why, basically, you did this.”

“We were in the New York City private school system,” Kelly explained, “and they were definitely left-wing, we’re more of the center-right, and that’s okay … then they started to take a really tough turn on the issues of social justice”.

Kelly described how the school introduced her third grader to what she called “an experimental trans education program for these 8- and 9-year-olds. And it wasn’t about support. We felt like it was about trying to convince them, like, ‘Come on!’ ”

The podcast host said that, along with many other parents, they objected and the school subsequently apologized. He also complained about a letter that apparently circulated at his school that described, among other things, “black bodies falling around us” in the streets and that white supremacy was largely to blame, which Kelly considered “divisive” and ” racist”.

It is so divisive and counterproductive. And it wasn’t just our school in New York … and it’s all over New York.

“It is so divisive and counterproductive. And it wasn’t just our school in New York … and it’s all over New York, ”argued Kelly, without citing additional examples.

Kelly then drew a line between her own problems with her children’s school and a recent incident in which a 17-year-old black girl in St. Louis falsely accused a fellow white high school student of saying something to the effect of “all Black lives don’t ‘don’t care’, and she held this as evidence that whites are being targeted by blacks because of their skin color, which she described as ‘racism’.

“Don’t light me with gas,” Maher said. “I feel like this is beyond race. I feel like it’s a generational issue where a lot of people want their identity to be wrapped up in being a victim. ”

“That’s the drive now, is to lean into victimhood,” added Kelly. “And it is not just a race issue. I mean, I see him with some of my classmates. It’s not that the #MeToo situation wasn’t real, but we don’t have to lean towards victimization, even when we could be victims. “

Having two rich whites suggests to a predominantly white audience that the real problem in America right now is that whites are targeted at a time when black Americans are being hospitalized for COVID-19 at 2.9 times the rate of Americans. white and are 1.5 times more. more likely to die from the disease, and when black Americans are laid off more, hired less, and offered less in the form of unemployment benefits compared to white Americans during the pandemic, you’re out of touch to say the least.


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