Bill Gates Sr., Who Guides Billionaire Son’s Philanthropy, Dies at 94

“A large part of her contribution was not only the strategic focus and the institutional structure of the foundation, but she helped establish the principles we worked on,” Ms. Stonesifer told Mr. Gates Sr. in an interview for Obesity in January Said about . “That was a daily reminder that just because you have a checkbook does not mean that you have knowledge or experience on the issues we are trying to address; We need to listen to the people who have experience and knowledge. “

Bill Gates Jr. attributed the foundation’s early success to his father. “I’m sure resources are available, and he works to spend money wisely,” he told the Seattle Times in 2003.

A prominent Seattle lawyer with heavy civil and professional obligations, Mr. Gates Sr. had given up the duties of raising his wife, Mary, to his two daughters and a son, Bill, who all agreed, was unremarkable as a boy. Had become increasingly argumentative – protesting her mother’s requests that she clean her room, that she cut her pencils and that she sat down to eat on time.

A test of his will at the dinner table took place on the night, with Bill describing his mom in The Wall Street Journal as “utterly, sarcastic, smart-ass baby rudeness” years later. In response, his father, in “a rare explosion of temperament,” wrote the Journal, threw a glass of water in his son’s face.

Young Bill was taken to a physician, who advised his parents to be under discipline. They sent her to Lakeside, a private prep school in Seattle, where she had access to a computer. There he met Paul Allen, a student computer wise.

Years later, the parents took over when Bill left Harvard and moved to Albuquerque, where he and Mr. Allen founded Microsoft in 1975.

Microsoft grew into the world’s largest personal computer software company. Its 1986 public offering made its founders billionaires and 12,000 employees millionaires. It became one of America’s most valuable publicly traded companies to reach a magical trillion-dollar market capitalization – third, after Apple and Amazon.