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Bill Gates describes interesting encounters with Trump

Answering questions from the audience about his interactions with Trump at a meeting of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the former Microsoft honcho said he met Trump for the first time in December 2016. He told the audience that Trump He had met his daughter, Jennifer, at a horse show in Florida.

"And then, about 20 minutes later, he flew in a helicopter to the same place," Gates said, according to the video of the event broadcast by MSNBC on Thursday night. "So he was clearly expelled, but he wanted to make a big entrance in a helicopter."

"Anyway, so when I spoke to him for the first time, it was actually a little scary how much he knew about my appearance. daughter. Melinda (Gates' wife) did not like it too much. "

Gates also said he discussed science with Trump on two separate occasions, where he says the president asked him about the difference between HIV and HPV.

HPV is the human papilloma virus and is defined by the US National Institutes of Health as a "group of related viruses" that is sexually transmitted and can cause some types of viruses, warts and cancer. human immunodeficiency is sexually transmitted disease that breaks down the immune system and can lead to AIDS.

"In both meetings, I was asked if vaccinations were not a bad thing because I was considering a commission to investigate the harmful effects of vaccines. and someone, I think it was Robert Kennedy Jr., was advising him that vaccines were causing bad things. And I said no, that's a dead end, that it would be a bad thing, do not do that.

"On both occasions he wanted to know if there was a difference between HIV and HPV, so I could explain that they rarely confuse each other," Gates said.

CNN has contacted the White House for comments.


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