Bill Fans donated to Lamar Jackson’s charity after quarterback injury in playoff game

Even in the heat of a playoff game, a Buffalo Bills fan came in for his opponent.

Lamar Jackson left Saturday night’s game with an injury at the end of the third quarter in the divisional round. He did not return for the fourth quarter, forcing cheater Tyler Huntley to try and score for Rance while they were two points down. This did not happen, and the Ravens lost.

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Bills fans were excited about the victory to go to the AFC Championship game for the first time since the 1993 season, but were saddened to see Jackson depart on his way. WJZ’s Rick Ritter noticed that some Bill fans started donating Jackson’s charity because of his heart injury.

“[Lamar Jackson] He is one of my favorite players in the league and even though my team has won, the league is playing healthy and well with him. I hope he gets well soon, and his charity is very sweet. Easy donation, ”one fan wrote.

Fox Beta 6 received two offers to win a total of $ 500G in the NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

According to WHAS-TV, the amount donated to Blessings in a backpack Louisville Chapter was up from $ 8 to the number of Bills quarterback Josh Allen at $ 17. The idea of ​​the donation was also posted in the Bill’s Reddit forum.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) lay on the field after being injured during the second half of an NFL divisional round football game against the Buffalo Bills on Saturday, July 10. Geo left the game on 16 April 2021 at Orchard Park following his injury. . (AP Photo / Adrian Crass)

Jackson was 14-for-24 with 162 passing yards and an interception for Taron Johnson. He also had 34 yards on nine yards of ground.

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Jackson helped the Ravens beat Tennessee in a wild-card game last week. He was 17-for-24 with 179 passing yards and an interception. He had 136 yards on the ground and a sizzling touchdown. It was his first career playoff victory after ending two previous seasons in his first games.

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