Bill Belichick praises Cam Newton

Getty Images

It is believed that former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wanted out of New England due to the failure of coach Bill Bellich to give the quarterback enough praise for his efforts.

If that had been the case with Brady, Belich is certainly taking a different approach with Brady’s successor.

“He’s come in and done everything we’ve asked you to do,” Bellick told reporters Monday about Cam Newton. “He used to work. He is clearly a very talented player and wants to continue working with him. We will take it day by day, but it has given us everything that we have taken and we have tried to bring the team to the best position that we can do competitively. We will see how all this unfolds. I am sure a lot of things will change as the season progresses. We are where we are for now and just keep trying to get better every day. ”

One thing that could have changed is that Cam could get hurt. A foot injury ended his 2019 season after two games, and a shoulder problem was promising in 2018, during which the Panthers won 6–2.

Still, if Newton can stay healthy (and if the Patriots can keep him healthy), the Patriots could end up in much better shape than anyone would have imagined, which ended in a quarter that was still Available in late June.