Bill Belichick alone is not enough to save the Patriots – athletic

Which did not take long. For seven weeks everyone needed to positively identify Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. as the No. 1 cause for all those great New England Patriots seasons. Those talk-radio debates are now settled only in favor of the GOAT challenging the appeal. Explain that record shows cannot be an option for Tier 1 quarterbacks, even aging. If coach Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDanels prove otherwise in the Patriots’ remaining 10 matches this season, they are bigger than advertised. But after seeing the Patriots’ 28 points in the last three games, the Belichick era in New England, and even the lowest three-game total in Cleveland, it looks like the NFL’s reality applies to all, including Brad. Patriots are also included. The fact that Brady and his new teammates at Tampa Bay have left the Green Bay Packers and Las Vegas Raiders off the field in consecutive weeks…


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