Bill asks for higher rates for Uber, Lyft in Massachusetts.


BOSTON (AP) – Three Mbadachusetts lawmakers are joining a regional planning advocacy group to call for higher rates for transportation companies such as Uber and Lyft.

Advocates say higher fares could help reduce traffic and increase revenues for cities and towns to invest in transportation projects.

Democratic lawmakers, Sen. Brendan Crighton of Lynn and representatives Jay Livingstone of Boston and Cambridge and Adrian Madaro of Boston, presented the project together with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to increase the rates imposed on so-called network companies. transport. The current rates are 20 cents per trip.

The bill would create a tariff structure of 6.25 percent of each trip for single-pbadenger trips, or 4.25 percent for shared trips.

The money would be divided between the municipality where a trip originated, the state and a fund from the taxi industry.

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