Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik, Nikki Tamboli named as ‘Shocked’ by Ellie Gony along with Kavita Kaushik

Eli Gony will turn into a ‘mastermind’ as he will nominate strong players Kavita Kaushik, Rubina Dilac and Nikki Tamboli using his special powers during the nomination. Take a look at the BB14 promo here.

Before signing off yesterday, Salman Khan said that the game of Bigg Boss 14 is going to be more difficult as the show has reached its halfway mark. Well, it looks like, things are heating up with each passing day in the BB14 house, as contestants fear about their existence. After the shocking expulsion of Shardul Pandit last night, everyone took off their socks and are now strategizing to play safe and intelligent.

Although Diwali is over, fireworks do not end in BB 14’s house. In tonight’s episode, a ‘big cracker’ is going to bring home a storm. If you are fond of the show, by now you would have guessed what we are talking about. Well, a new week will start in the BB14 house, and it will be enrollment time. However, this time the nomination will be different and shocking. This will test the contestants’ bond, and possibly break some friendships as well.

Unlike all previous times when housewives nominated two of their co-contestants citing legitimate reasons, this time the ‘scene table’. The power of nomination would be vested in Captain Eli Gony. Yes, Ellie will get the power to nominate six contestants, and he will turn into a ‘mastermind’ by choosing some strong players. First, Ellie will nominate Kavita Kaushik, and the actress’s grin proves that she expected it from Ellie.

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However, in a shocking move, Ellie would then nominate Rubina Dilac, making her completely shocked. Rubina, who is Jasmine Bhasin’s ‘good friend’, did not expect the move from the latter’s BFF Aly. Rubina, expressing her disappointment to Jasmine, said, ‘Ellie gave me the lentils.’ Jasmine is left speechless, and Rubina’s husband Abhinav too does not take Ellie’s call positively.

Ellie’s ‘game’ doesn’t stop here, as he goes to nominate Nikki Tamboli, with whom he shares a decent bond. She alleges that Nikki keeps talking about her with Kavita and thus wants to nominate her. Later, a distraught Nikki gets into an argument with Ellie. She expresses her disappointment by saying that she did not expect that she would take the decision under the influence of someone else. While Ellie tries to clear her stand, Nikki calls her ‘funny’.

Watch the promo here:

Well, the atmosphere in Bigg Boss 14’s house is definitely heating up, and the equations will be tested. Ellie’s bold steps in this crucial phase will cause a stir in the house. What are your thoughts Let us know in the comment section below.

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