BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie reportedly dating + YG’s comments in response

Dispatch has reported that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie have been in a relationship for a year.

In their report, Dispatch shared that they had witnessed G-Dragon and Jennie secretly meeting each other. According to the outlet, the two celebrities often dated at home.

Dispatch explained that G-Dragon had a personal parking lot and a private elevator for his attic, which Jennie was able to use without having to verify her identity.

According to Dispatch, Jennie’s normal daily schedule was to visit G-Dragon’s house once their activities for the day were over. Then he would go home and then repeat the same schedule the next day.

Dispatch stated that G-Dragon and Jennie’s relationship is a widely known secret within YG Entertainment and that Jennie’s manager brings her to G-Dragon’s house and takes her away. Sometimes G-Dragon’s manager would accept her.

On January 31st, the day of BLACKPINK’s online concert “THE SHOW”, Dispatch spotted Jennie leaving G-Dragon’s house in the morning and heading to the concert hall. G-Dragon’s car was also found at the scene, according to Dispatch.

A source close to the two artists told Dispatch, “A lot of people at YG have noticed their relationship,” adding, “Jennie’s mother is also aware of her relationship with G-Dragon. She is grateful that he takes care of her in a special way. “

In response to the report, YG Entertainment commented, “We cannot confirm anything about the personal lives of our artists. We ask for your understanding ”.

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