Big unions should manage COVID vaccine themselves: Cuomo

The NYPD, other police and fire departments, and large labor unions should develop detailed plans to manage the COVID-19 vaccine to become a member, Gov. Andrew Como said Tuesday – helping accelerate a sluggish rollout. To ask.

“I’m asking the police department, the fire department, transit workers, who are going to be the necessary staff if they can operate their own vaccination system,” Cuomo said, during an Albany press briefing. “They have their own employees who can get vaccinated.”

The Governor hopes that more agencies operating the vaccine internally will release pressure called “retail systems” of hospitals, pharmacies, medical practices, and other entities operating out of shots.

Taking the NYPD as an example, he said, “To the extent that we can have the necessary staff to use their own vaccines or their own health system provider, which removes a burden from the retail system . “

“New York City Police Department, they can go to New York City public hospitals for a vaccine, which will then surcharge New York City hospitals, or they can do their own vaccines,” he said.

The NYPD had plans to start vaccinating its members last week, but the launch was delayed, with Mayor Bill de Blasio pointing fingers at state regulations banning who can be vaccinated.

“Teachers Association, The [Transport] Workers unions, all these front-line essential workers, please now think about organizing your own system so that it reduces the burden on the retail system which is supposed to deal with the general public, ”he said.

Cuomo also cited FDNY, which began vaccinating EMS employees two weeks ago and firefighters last week.

“For those big doers and those big unions who can do that, I want you to start thinking about it from now on, and I will appreciate it.”

Although the vaccine is unavailable to the general public, while it is still being administered to front-line medical personnel, Cuomo said some 3,762 locations are now part of a statewide “retail system” in anticipation of a wider launch.

Some locations are already distributing vaccines to qualified health care workers.

There are about 200 locations in New York City, and 100 on Long Island, Cuomo said.

“On top of this retail system, you are going to set up large state sites then – Javits Center, Sunny-Qunee [campuses] – Where you will have vaccine-through vaccine operations, ”he said. “We need supplies to do this, but we are already installing those.”

Albany and City Hall have blamed each other for Tiko’s slow rollout, with Cuomo demanding de Blasio better manage vaccination efforts at city hospitals, and Hizoner said the Big Apple ” Most unquestionably “can work fast if not for it tight state restrictions.


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