Big Tobacco finally tells the truth in an ad campaign ordered by the court


Smoking kills 1,200 people per day. The tobacco companies worked to make them as addictive as possible. There is no such thing as a safer cigarette.

The announcements with these statements reach the major television networks and newspapers this weekend, but they are not being placed by the American Cancer Society or other health groups. They are being placed by the major tobacco companies, under the orders of the federal courts.

"The announcements will finally be implemented after 11 years of tobacco company appeals to delay and weaken them," the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, the Americans for the Rights of the American No Smokers, the National Tobacco Prevention Network and the Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund said in a joint statement.

"It's a pretty significant moment," said Cliff Douglas of the American Cancer Society. "This is the first time they have to confess and tell the whole truth."

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The Justice Department began its extortion lawsuit against the tobacco companies in 1999, seeking to force them to compensate for decades of deception, and the federal district judge, Gladys Kessler, ruled in 2006 that they would have to pay and place the ads, but the companies continued to block Things with appeals.

"Employing the best-paid lawyers in the United States, the tobacco companies used all the tools at their disposal to delay and complicate this litigation in order to avoid their calculation day," Douglas added.

"It's been a long battle," said Robin Koval, CEO and president of the Truth Initiative, a nonprofit organization established as part of a 1998 Major Resolution Agreement between the The leading tobacco companies in the US UU And 46 US states UU., The District of Columbia and five territories.

"They fought for 11 years to delay the truth."

Tobacco companies made some significant profits. They will not have to admit to having deliberately lied and manipulated in their advertising and promotional campaigns. They will not have to include spooky images of what smoking does to people.

"Despite their claims to the contrary, the tobacco companies have not changed, their continued aversion to the truth is clear because they fought corrective statements, going so far as to seek the elimination of the phrase" here The truth is true, "the health groups said in their joint statement.

And they have managed to delay the publication of ads until the media landscape has changed considerably, with many more Americans receiving their news online and much less going. to the main networks and newspapers where the announcements will be issued.

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"The world has changed by complete, "said Koval.

" Young people do not see as much as they do, who spend less and less time watching television in primetime. That is a missed opportunity. "

Kessler's biting sentence did not make a dent in what the tobacco companies did." The Defendants have known many of these facts for at least 50 years or more. In spite of that, they have denied these facts to the public, to the government and to the public health community in a consistent, repeated manner and with enormous skill and sophistication, "he wrote in his 2006 ruling.

  Image: The CDC's new anti-smoking campaign features a parade of ex-smokers who want to save others from their humiliating health consequences.

CDC's new anti-smoking campaign features a parade of ex-smokers who want to save others from their humiliating health consequences.