Big Ten plans to decide on presein camp “within next 5 days”, expected fall game start in september but don’t know

Ohio State and other football teams around the Big Ten are scheduled to start a Presence Camp for a week from today, but whether or not that will actually happen.

According to a letter sent Thursday to Big Ten athletic directors by commissioners Kevin Warren and Chris Kratochwill, chairman of the conference’s Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases, a decision about the preseason camp to be scheduled currently within the next 5 Will happen. day. ”

“We will not, and cannot, unless of course we can safely do so and proceed with the presidential camp will depend, in part, on the trial,” the letter stated. “Once we have everything to effectively execute our testing protocol, including the appropriate number of safe tests for all fall sports, we can then decide if the Prescon Camp is currently scheduled Will happen.”

According to Thursday’s letter, the Big Ten is hopeful to counter men’s and women’s cross country, field hockey, football, men’s and women’s football, and women’s volleyball this fall, understanding that we have to work in those ways Those who want to solve the challenges. COVID-19 presents. “The letter also states, however, that health and safety remain the” primary focus “of the conference, and that the falling games can still be canceled if the conference does not believe they can be played safely. .

“If we determine as a conference that it is not prudent to compete in the fall of 2020, we will not do so, as is our decision to cancel the men’s basketball tournament in Indianapolis in March 2020.” The letter states. “Our final decision will be with the guidance and institutional leadership of medical experts, consultation with student-athletes, coaches and appropriate federal, state and local authorities.”

The conference plans to release its medical policies and protocols for the return of the Games next week. Those protocols will include “medical standardized testing requirements, which will be evaluated continuously to ensure that we are responsible for current medical recommendations.”

“We believe that the implementation of these protocols will help reduce risk as we seek to safely resume athletic activity and competition,” the letter states.

Although several of Thursday’s reports indicated that the Big Ten could only release a conference-football schedule as early as Friday’s conference, according to Thursday’s letter, “the schedule for fall sports is fluid” for some of August. The point is still expected to begin the fall sports season in September.

“Administrators, coaches and conference staff are performing daily tasks to provide the appropriate level of flexibility for changes needed in real-time to create schedules”. “While we are hopeful for a start in September 2020, flexibility has been created to accommodate the necessary adjustments within our scheduling model. There is a need to adapt to change of circumstances and to develop medical knowledge to suit our collective needs, even issuing a schedule does not guarantee that competition will occur. ”

The letter has also been reiterated, as announced earlier this month, that everyone’s participation in Fall Sports will be optional and any athlete who is due to concerns about COVID-19 during the academic year 2020-21 He will not continue to participate in athletics. His scholarship honored and remained in good standing with his teams.

“We cannot emphasize enough that participation at any time in the 2020 season is voluntary,” the letter stated.

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