Big Ten Football Bowl Projections, College Football Playoff

The Big Ten has a rich, rich history in historic bowl games, and expectations are to continue until 2020, or so we think. Here at Bucky’s Wire, we’re keeping up with tradition and giving you a glimpse of where we think all teams in the conference will end up when all the dust settles on the weather.

We have reassured what we have seen after each week’s game and project. Our first edition takes a look at how things fall short in the 2020 season of this pandemic, but it is sure to change significantly due to calendar fluctuations over the eight-week regular season.

Keep in mind that some bowls are not planned to be a game this year, so it reduces to just a wee thing for a lower end, less money making bowl game.

Also note that these scenarios are very complex with projecting when there are not enough teams from some conferences with tie-ins, and agreements with bowls are not possible to repeat the same schedule over a certain timeframe.

Take a look at the projections before the weekend begins.

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