Big news on COVID-19 in the Times – even if they buried it

You may remember this, buried deep on page D-4, but the New York Times ran a sharing optimism on COVID-19.

We had science reporter Donald G. Many good news is shared by McNeill from time to time, but with the Times-mandated slap in the Trump administration – it is impressive when added. Among his points:

  • The American public has made an incredible adjustment, wearing masks and embracing social disturbances and putting up with an unprecedented months of lockdowns. “The notes have made a big change in the lives saved,” he said.
  • New treatments are reducing the effects of the virus, including “steroids such as the antiviral drug Remedivir and dexamethasone.” Still further, “Vaccines and Monoclonal Antibodies. . . Is likely to be more effective. “
  • Older Americans are increasingly spared risk, as new cases skew younger people more, who are more likely to survive. And nursing homes are now doing better with a far lower mortality rate than before.
  • In all, “the United States is much better off than it was during Spanish influenza,” as the COVID epidemic is on track to end soon, and with a much lower per capita death toll.
  • But the success of Team Trump’s $ 11 billion “Operation War Speed” to develop vaccines is some of the best news. The new vaccines take years historically, but the Food and Drug Administration is likely to fix at least two effective vaccines within the next three months – with factories already having “enough doses for all 330 million Americans next.” Prime to vaccinate by June. “
  • Jobs? “Many economists feel that our national recovery will be rapid, such as after the financial accidents of 1929 and 2008 followed by the First and Second World Wars.”

With the majority of Times devoted to airing the epidemic entirely by the Trump administration, it is good to see that at least the science section of the paper is ready to accept some important truths to the contrary.


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