Big discounts on Google Store: $ 150 credit for Pixel 2 XL and much more

Google Store has offered great discounts lately, and quite often too: the Home Mini went on sale in May and Pixel Buds was reduced by $ 30 over the weekend. Today's sale applies to many more items, since Google is probably trying to clean up its inventory before this year's renovations.

Pixel 2 XL

First is Pixel 2 XL: Google offers a $ 150 credit in the store to purchase a Pixel 2 XL and is also launching a free Google Home Mini. You must add both items to your cart and use your Google account to take advantage of the credit, which will be reflected in your account six to eight weeks after the promotion ends.

Home and Mini Home

Home and Home Mini are also for sale: an individual Home Mini is for sale for $ 39 ($ 10 off) or you can buy two for $ 58 ($ 40 off) discount), as the promotion in early May. A single house is also for sale for $ 99 ($ ​​30 off), or you can buy a house and mini house for $ 113 ($ 65 off).

Be careful how to combine this however: buy two Home Minis and one house only get the $ 65 discount (for a Home + Home Mini) and $ 10 discount (for an individual Home Mini). However, the purchase of three Home Minis and one Home will allow you to take advantage of the $ 40 and $ 65 discounts mentioned above.

Clips, Chromecast Ultra and WiFi

Clips, which normally sells for $ 249, is marked for $ 50 and the Chromecast Ultra, which usually sells for $ 69, is marked for $ 10. Finally, you can pick up a Google WiFi package for $ 119 ($ 10 off) or the three-pack for $ 279 ($ 20 off). Despite the Clips, discounts on Chromecast Ultra and WiFi are not good, and you can probably find better deals elsewhere.

The prerequisites to take advantage of the promotion are simple: you must be a resident of the USA. UU., Be 13 years old or older and must have a valid shipping address in the US. UU The promotion continues while supplies last, and expires at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on June 17 th .

Source: Google Store | Buy: Pixel 2 XL – Home – Home Mini – Clips – Chromecast Ultra – WiFi


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