Big Cass is back and hooked

Big Cass had been out of the limelight for over a year until he made a surprise return to the ring last night (February 27, 2021) to help his friend NZO during a Lariato Pro Wrestling event. The big man, named CaZXL, looked crazy.

The most regal guys in the room were together again.

CaZXL went to work with a great boot for August Artois.

It is currently unknown if CaZXL’s appearance marks the beginning of a full-time comeback or if it was just a special time. If CaZXL were interested, there would probably be a lot of suitors. After all, he is eight feet tall and that cannot be taught.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed Impact Wrestling’s ring apron. Luke Gallows is one of the promoters for Lariato Pro Wrestling, and that event was advertised as filmed for the Impact Plus app. There has been no news or even rumors to suggest a possible relationship between CaZXL and Impact. However, if Impact was interested in going into the CaZXL business, the date for a newsworthy surprise could be March 13 at Sacrifice.

Would you go for a surprise appearance from CaZXL? What promotion would you like to see the 7ft sign?

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