‘Big Brother’ fans are beyond Davon for their first competition win

Big brother 22 The house was turned upside down in Tuesday night’s episode. Not only did one of the secret powers come into play, but the power of the veto changed the course of the game. Da’Vonne won the Power of Veto, as seen in the episode, winning her first competition as a elder brother Player. The fans were not only stunned to see Da “Vaughn win her first competition, but they were also thrilled with how she finally used the power to change the direction of the game this week.”

The head of the household, Dani, originally created two housegates to evict, Kevin and David. But, when David used his descriptor power and removed himself from the block, Dani was forced to name a replacement nominee. Since he and Tyler, who are also in his committee alliance, have entered their fair share of drama over the past few weeks, he put her on the block as a replacement for David. When it came time for the Power of Veto competition, Dani, Kevin, Tyler, and three druggates were chosen by random draws – Da’Vonne, Ian and Enzo – all striving to win power. Da’Vonne emerged victorious, threatening to throw Dani and the committee’s plans into the week. Although many houseguests attempted to convince Da’Vonne not to use the Power of Veto, he used it on his close aide Kevin to ensure his safety for the week. As a result, either Ian or Tyler will be evicted. Big Brother: All Stars Thursday will become home and the first gambler of the season.

Given that one of Devon’s closest allies was in danger of leaving the house before the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, fans were thrilled to take the contestant in their hands in Tuesday night’s episode. On Twitter, fans could not help but be excited to tell him about this exciting turn of events.



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