‘Big Bang Theory’ star Jim Parsons revealed that her husband Todd Spiewak had coronovirus

Jim Parsons contracted the novel Coronavirus and did not realize it until the worst hit.

“Big Bang Theory” Alum recently opened up about his experience through COVID-19, which the actor and her husband Todd Spiewak tested positive earlier this year.

“Toad and I both started it early. It was like the middle of March, revealed Parsons, to late-night host Jimmy Fallon on Monday. What we did not know was what it was. We thought we had a cold. And then it seemed less likely, and eventually we lost our sense of smell and taste. ‘

The 47-year-old Parsons said 43 years of spic and symptoms he experienced “defined the details for me.”

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“I didn’t realize how the whole could taste and smell,” he lamented. In and when you’re in quarantine and there’s really nothing to eat, oh my god it was cruel. ”

During his appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, Parsons admitted that his positive test and subsequent loss of core positives did not stop him from dropping out, noting that he still “ate everything” is.”


Taste I just didn’t taste it. This is the definition of wasted calories, ”quipped Dear Funman.

Parsons and Spiewak, who married in 2017, were both freed from the virus and were living together at home.

To pass the time, Parsons bleached her hair in a moment-by-moment decision.

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, About six weeks, and we were sick, I thought, ‘Screw it!’ Ons Parsons announced the choice to dye her brown hair in a new shade of golden gold. ”Tod did. It took about six hours and it burned my skull. But you know what beauty pain is.

He saw the new look in May during the virtual town hall for SeriousXM.

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“Quarantine causes change,” Parsons said at the time, per capita magazine.

Shake I wanted to shake things up for a husband who has only one partner. Now he got one and a half companions, j Parsons joked. Ayou know, a little new thing to jazz it up. “

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