Big 12 Commissioner Bob Ballsby says delays in the College Football Playoff are being discussed

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Ballsby told Serious xm radio On Thursday that the Coronovirus epidemic has caused discussion about delays in the college football playoffs and six bowls of the new year.

“I am on the CFP Steering Committee and we spent some time talking about that,” said Bolsby. “We have not come to any closure on this, but there is some latitude to postpone it if needed.

“The same thing is true in the six games of the new year,” he said. “I don’t know if we see us playing a championship game in February, but you never know. These are unusual times, and things that might not otherwise be acceptable should be considered in such a situation.”

As the SEC continues to navigate through a week in a row during which four games were postponed over a three-day span, SEC commissioner Greg Sensei was asked Wednesday about the possibility of pushing the playoffs backward Tha and told reporters, “We have the finish lines right now.”

“Semifinals in progress [January] The first, “Saanke said.” The championship is on the 11th. The reality is that if you walk behind my building, there is a sign that says be flexible.

“I’m not going to hypothesize about change,” Sankey said, “but I’m not inattentive to the ability that may need to happen at many different levels.”

The 13 members of the CFP selection committee are scheduled to release their first ranking on 24 November and their final ranking on 20 December.


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