Bidet producer Tushi wants to rename Buffalo Bills Stadium

Buffalo Bill fans have complained for years that their stadium looks like crap – and now, it may match a toilet-themed name.

Luxury bidet company Tushi announced Wednesday a bid for the naming rights to Bills Stadium in Orchard Park, New York, after sponsor New Era pulled out of its naming-rights deal with the team.

The company’s deal was reportedly worth $ 12.5 million, and the venue would be renamed “TUSHY Stadium”.

As part of the plan, Tushi hopes to make a splash in college games: “Accepting the offer, TUSHY to bring a College Football Bowl game to Orchard Park and host the first ‘Toilet Bowl,’ Would like to work. ” The company said in a press release that it was widely shared on Twitter.

Included in the deal are bill’s parking lots and hundreds of portable toilets equipped with Tushi bidets for tailgating areas.

Bill’s Stadium is one of the oldest bars used in the NFL. Originally opened as Rich Stadium in 1973, the bill sold the naming rights for the first time in 2016.

The bid follows a stellar year for the bidet producer, which accompanies cash during the coronovirus epidemic. According to trade publication Crunchbase, as states began locking, Tishi saw a major increase in sales as consumers began to accumulate toilet paper.

In early April, Tushi had several notable sales days, reportedly selling more than $ 1 million in bidets a day.

It is unclear, however, if Tushi’s proposal would be taken seriously. Marketwatch reports that the stadium’s previous sponsor paid bills three times about Tushi’s proposal for naming rights.