Biden’s early executive orders put him in dispute with the Roman Catholic Church

The inauguration of President Biden marked a historic moment as he became the second Roman Catholic to serve as President of the United States. The White House claims Biden is “pious”, but his policies have been rejected by many in the leadership of the church and among the rank-and-file.

Biden’s faith became an issue early in the campaign, when a South Carolina priest denied him the pro-choice abortion views of the then candidate. Cardinal Raymond Burke similarly stated that Biden was not “in good standing” Catholic and should not accept that supporting abortion was a mortal sin.

When legislators in the House are given a “pragmatic approach”, that of other political parties

Some media have supported Biden’s standing as a Catholic.

The New York Times was criticized when it published an article this month declaring that Biden was “primarily a religious observer for half a century.”

The Washington Post published an article disputing Trump’s claims that Biden “hurt God.” An August headline read, “Biden has lived his life by his Catholic faith.” Since December, another claimed that “Biden could redefine what it means to be Catholic in good standing.”

But with a series of actions many have claimed Catholic doctrine, the first weeks of his administration have raised questions about his approach to faith.

Abortion and contraception

Perhaps the biggest complaints from critics with Biden embraced policies in favor of abortion.

CATHOLIC BISHOPS SL BIDEN’S ‘GRIEVOUS’ opportunities to obtain executive orders

Within his first two weeks, Biden repealed the Mexico City policy, which blocks funding for foreign abortion providers; Took the first step towards restoring Title X funding to Planned Parenthood and other domestic abortion providers; And Roe v. Wade expressed support for codifying the Landmark decision.

He intends to repeal the Hyde Amendment which blocks taxpayer funding for most abortions. For years, Biden supported a decades-old, bipartisan policy, arguing that religious Americans should not pay for procedures they fundamentally oppose. In 2019, he reversed his stand on policy.

Without Hyde, Biden would effectively force taxpayers to subsidize abortion – to inspire pro-lifers to describe his administration. Biden and Vice President Harris have joined others claiming abortion is an important form of “health care”, with church leaders describing the process as harmful to both women and children. For example, the head of the American Conference of Catholic Bishops alike warned on Inauguration Day that Biden would “pursue moral evils and threaten human lives.”

‘Confidence Wars Biden Wood’s Advance Moral Evils and Threaton Human Life’ from US Bihops

Sex, sex and sexuality

Last week, a group of bishops argued that an order by Biden advanced “false doctrines on human sexuality” and threatened to violate the rights of those who recognize the truth of sexual difference or who are a man. And maintain the institution of lifelong marriage between one. Woman. “

Setting alarms about algebra of some delightful chemistry, effects with Moral Teaching.

It is particularly committed to explaining gender discrimination, which occurred “on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation”.

The purpose of “preventing and combating discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation” was to allow those identified as transgender in schools across the country to try and use them in toilet games. Gender’s locker rooms they identify with.


In 2019, the Vatican released a document – titled “She was created by men and women” – arguing that gender theory “speaks of a gradual process of discrediting a process that is far from nature and decision. Is a complete alternative to the decision. ” Feelings of human subject. “

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