Biden won’t release Supreme Court list because it will be ‘radical,’ ‘frightened’ voters: Carrie Severino

Although President Trump announced a list of 20 more people he would consider nominating to the Supreme Court, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would not make his list public because it is made up of “radical” activists, not judges. , Distressed President Carrie Severino said on Thursday.

In an interview with host Brian Kilmade on “Fox & Friends”, former Supreme Court Justice Clerk Thomas said that this is a “major issue” in November as the next president will have vacancies to fill the Supreme Court. .

Trump’s Supreme Limit List: The names of more than 20 people currently mentioned include nominees.

Severino said, “The opposite cannot happen with Joe Biden. The liberals he is trying to appeal to … are trying to pack the courts and they want judges who bring those laws to a liberal end again.” Will write from

“It’s no surprise that she doesn’t want to release her list because I think the list would be so radical that the American people would be frightened,” he said. “Joe, what are you hiding here?”

Trump said that Biden has not released the names because “they are yet to remain [they] Investigation can never be faced. ”

In July, Biden said that her campaign is “compiling a list of African American women who are qualified and have experience of being in court,” adding, “I’m not going to release that until we get them Do not go down the line in calming. ”

The liberal group Demand Justice released its own shortlist for Biden, calling for him to follow Trump’s lead in releasing a list.

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“But there were very few judges [Demand Justice] List, “Saverino said.” Most people who are activists in various organizations, you know, advocate these liberal causes. They are searching for those who plead in court. They do not want to judge. ”

Severino believes Biden’s pix will seek to end citizenship and understanding of borders, voting illegal immigrants, reducing the Second Amendment, allowing abortion funded by tax dollars up to the point of birth, and religious Will not respect freedom.

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“Those are some agendas that are being pushed to the left and they don’t want judges who are going to look at the law,” she said.

On the other hand, Severino said that on Trump’s list – which includes Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron, censored. Ted Cruz of Texas, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Josh Hawley of Missouri – have a “bigger, better list” that they released. 2016