Biden will receive briefings from diplomatic, intellectual and defense experts today

Joe Rydal / Getty Images

A transition official said President-Elect Joe Biden’s national security briefing will include a team of diplomatic, intelligence and defense experts.

“They will discuss readiness on the agencies concerned as the presidential election will one day lead to preparations,” the official said.

Breeding comes as Biden is yet to receive a classified intelligence briefing as President Trump refuses to accept the race and takes any of the administrative steps his administration normally takes in the transfer of power Has been stopped, including allowing the General Services Administration to declare it. There is a presidential election – a move that triggers the transition process.

Speaking to reporters in Wilmington, Delaware on Monday, Biden said Kamla Harris, the vice-president-elect, continues to receive intelligence in her role on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

He said, “The good news here is that my colleagues are still in the Intelligence Committee, so they get intelligence.” I’m not there anymore, ”said Biden. “So it is, but there are a number of Republicans calling for that. I hope the president gets more knowledge before January 20th.”

Biden’s briefing will not be an official US government national security briefing on Tuesday.


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