Biden, who hails from Florida, says his support among Hispanic voters will be ‘greater’

On the eve of his first visit to Florida as a general election candidate, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said his mission Tuesday would be Spanish-speaking voters.

“I will talk about how I am going to act like a devil, to make sure I turn on every Latino and Hispanic vote,” Biden asked reporters, his message being the country’s largest traditional mango What will happen in the election war zone?

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As elections for the former Vice President come to Florida, a virtual alliance has taken place between Biden and President Trump. And he appears to be doing better with Biden Latino voters according to recent surveys in the state and has a set of negative headlines about his outreach to Spanish-speaking voters in the state.

When asked about their turnout numbers among Hispanic voters, Biden said they were “much higher than” [Trump’s]. But they want to go higher. ”

A month ago, Biden took a four-point advantage over the president on average in the state’s latest surveys compiled by Real Clear Critics. Now it is below 1.2 points.

And possibly among Latino voters in Florida, recent elections at NBC News / Marist and Quinnipiac University indicated the president had a slight edge over Biden. According to the exit poll, four years ago, when 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton crushed Trump by more than 25 points among Florida’s Latino voters. The exit poll indicated that Latino made up 19% of the state’s voters.

But Trump operated the state narrowly, winning Florida’s 29 electoral votes, helping him capture the White House.

Those surveys and other surveys – combined with other recent headlines – have led some Democratic officials and activists to worry that it could take less than 50 days to catch Biden’s catch by the November election.

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Biden’s trip, which comes early in National Hispanic Heritage Month, stops in Tampa and Kissimmee, will include two areas with a large Puerto Rican population. Unlike Cuban-American voters, who tend to be Republicans, Puerto Rican heritage voters usually favor Democrats.

The Biden campaign postponed the visit on social media before the former Vice President’s arrival.

But Steve Guest of the Republican National Committee alleged that “Biden, who traveled to Florida on the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, would not seek a Hispanic vote for the months of his campaign.”

Guest argued that “Biden’s Florida trip today is a surprising reminder that Biden not only fails to resonate with Hispanic voters, but he is supporting in the Latino community because of his far-right agenda.”

And in a tweet, the guest claimed that Biden was in “panic mode”.

Jennifer Molina, Latine outreach director of the Biden campaign, stressed that “the Hispanic vote will be a deciding factor and we are not taking it.”

She told Fox News that “because of this we invested early and are currently working to reach voters across all platforms – TV, radio, digital, mail and culturally competent outreach to help Job Biden Underlines the commitment. ” The Hispanic community prospers and thrive and more importantly the devastating effects of Trump’s failed leadership for our community. ”

Some Democrats in Florida are also raising alarm over what they say is a sharp increase in disinfection on social media for Spanish-speaking voters who unfairly portray Biden as a socialist.

Asked about the divestment campaign that he is boarding his flight to Florida, the former vice president said “just tell the truth. Everyone knows who Trump is. People are understanding to show up and vote.”

In addition, the number of polls is also low, as Trump has long been viewed by critics as a more anti-immigrant candidate, dating back to the first speech of his 2016 presidential campaign, when he argued that America Many Mexicans are illegal immigrants. ”

Later in the campaign, he sparked another controversy when he questioned whether a federal judge of Mexican heritage could be the motive.

But Biden has his own baggage. In the Democratic primaries, he was repeatedly pummeled by rivals over the growing deportation of illegal immigrants during the Obama-Biden administration. There were also complaints that there was a lack of Latino to lead his campaign, and he focused too much on African American and suburban voters at the expense of Latin American.

Biden’s lack of support among Latino was evident in the primary calendar. His main rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, won more than half of the Latino vote at February’s Nevada caucus. And the progressive senator crushed Biden among the Latino of California and defeated the former vice president among Spanish-speaking voters in Texas on Super Tuesday in early March.

Chuck Rocha, who led the Latino outreach to Sand Roshan, has sounded the alarm that Biden loses a significant voting population. But Rocha told Fox News that “the good news is that they don’t need to make many points. So there’s still time. They only need to move the needle to five to 10 more points to keep this thing off. Is, therefore, unless there is more direct investment in communicating regularly with Latino, which Joe Biden is going to improve his life, he can move that needle. ”

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Rocha said he saw signs of improvement by the Biden campaign, adding, “I get more encouragement every day from his performance.”

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary and former San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro – who was the only major Latino candidate to run for the Democratic presidential nomination – said the recent Biden campaign considers Latino outreach to be “a priority” , But he told The Washington Post that “a little more support needs to be shown at the same time.”

Rocha’s concern is the Democratic candidate’s support with the Biden campaign, with fewer in and out groups. Rocha, who is currently working a super PAC to promote Latino voting in the general election, noted that the Biden campaign is now “on parity with the Trump campaign.” But explained that “Donald Trump was spending more money at the beginning of the problem, and Biden lost some ground because Donald Trump first had to go up. So now Biden will catch up and overtake Trump in communication. ”

But he insisted, “I detest the amount of outside money that is going into non-Latino outreach. There is a real difference in this election.” He said that the top 10 Biden focusing on white voter turnout Supporting groups have raised $ 500 million, while three Latino Super PACs – including themselves – have raised only $ 5 million.

He called it a “real dilemma” and raised concerns that “there is such a huge disparity, and when we get 1 / 500th of the money, we are expected to show it at the same rates as white voters.”

Over $ 100 million shopping for Budden in Floromeda.

But a former Biden rival from democratic primaries could help with spending inequality.

Former New York City mayor and multi-billionaire business and media mogul Mike Bloomberg, who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination, vowed to spend $ 100 million on behalf of Biden in Florida this week, some of which funds Latino voters were going to court.

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