Biden wants Democrats to keep Trump trial short

President Biden’s Message to Former Senate Democratic Leaders President TrumpDonald Trumplump can’t wait on immigration reform funding while reviewing Trump’s residence in Beach Mar-a-Lago: Five Questions About Gametop Controversy | Biden, Yellen call for swift action on new aid peacockThe test of the forthcoming impeachment is clear: keep it short and do not derail your agenda.

Biden has never accepted Trump’s second impeachment, although he has not sought to stand in his way amid resentment at his party over the former president’s involvement in the Jan. 6 mob attack on the Capitol.

Yet she and her team have always been cognizant of the risks of lawsuits so early in their tenure as they seek to win a deal on a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package.

Now it has also become clear that two weeks ago it was said that the impeachment would not end with Trump’s conviction.

This was the initial question, but a Senate vote this week saw only five Republicans voting against the repeal of a resolution citing the test as unconstitutional, making it certain that the Senate would not win the required two-thirds vote for confidence .

Officials and allies of the Biden administration close to the White House say that President Trump will distance himself from the trial as it begins in the second week of February.

A Biden aide near the White House said, “He’s going to let the Senate do what it needs to do.” “We always knew this was going to happen. We always knew that we would now hold the same position with the Republicans. And now he is going to respect this process and let it play.”

The impeachment test poses some risk to Biden, and some Democrats warned that it could torpedo their initial agenda.

The best thing for Biden is that now a conviction for Trump seems off the table, with the trial starting and ending so the Senate can quickly return to more full-time work on legislation and confirm Biden’s nominees Could.

A colleague said, “He has come to the White House with a strong unity message and this is the last time he wants the impeachment trial defined.”

Sources say Biden and his advisors have been in constant contact with Democratic leaders in Congress, and some members of Biden’s inner circle supported him behind the impeachment.

After 6 January on the Capitol, Cedric RichmondCedric Richmond White House gets off on COVID-19 relief talks, an attack on the US that split Congress – and more as a Democratic challenger election result for a nation Pelosi Iowa Republican seat, Who resigned from Congress to become senior Biden advisor, expressed immediate support for impeachment, according to a source familiar with internal conversations on Biden’s team.

But several prominent Democrats in both chambers raised concerns about the delay in Biden’s agenda in the Senate impeachment trial. He predicted that only a few Republican senators would eventually vote to convict Trump.

“A Senate Democratic aide said after this week’s vote on a proposal sponsored by Sen.” We already know the outcome before it starts and it’s disappointing for everyone. ” Rand paulRandall (Rand) Howard Paul. Seventeenth Amendment and Condemnation of Donald Trump Republican Party of Barry Goldwater When Do We Need It? Paul says Roberts’ absence is a ‘crystallized’ argument against Trump impeachment (R-Q.).

House Majority Whip James Clyb (DS.C), a prominent Biden aide whose support was decisive in the 2020 election, advocated waiting for Biden’s first 100 days in office before sending an impeachment article to the Senate.

Across the capitol, censored. Tim kineTimothy (Tim) Michael Canehaw McConnell quashed Trump’s impeachment trial before he could start Kine Eyes next week aiming to bar Trump from future office, Hill’s Morning Report – Dames Question test; January becomes the deadliest epidemic (D.-Va.) And Chris murphySchumer vowed to go ahead with the Trump trial before Christopher (Chris) Scott Murphy derailed before McConnell’s trial for Trump’s impeachment, Hill’s Morning Report – Biden: Vaccine, Virus, More Meditation on Travel Give (D-Conn.) Privately expressed concern that confirmation of Biden’s cabinet nominees and a COVID-19 relief package should be a top priority.

Murphy said, “Personally, my point was not that we shouldn’t do a trial, but we needed a couple of weeks to get a place in the cabinet and get a COVID.” [relief] Moving. “

Kaine said that on Friday he had raised initial concerns about the “possible outcome” of the test.

“I just felt as outrageous as the behavior and need for accountability, I just didn’t see a way to get 17 votes to convict Republicans,” he said. “As soon as the House started it, I thought about it.

“The immediate need is COVID relief and I know Chuck feels the same way,” he said, referring to the leader of the commanding general Charles SchumerRepublicans face hurdle to separate families, Biden heads to DHS, heads for advance reunion, Psaki hopes for task force Chuck SchumerImmigration reform can’t wait (DN.Y.).

Sen. Joe ManchinJoseph (Joe) ManchinJoe Manchin could have shown the Senate better on the money the Democrats are willing to bypass Republicans on the COVID-19 relief bill: the economy shrunk 3.5 percent in 2020. Lawmakers over GamePop rip off Robinhood’s decision Budget rules, politics threaten hourly minimum wage (DW.Va.) said on 10 January that impeachment is tested when there is no impeachment test.

Biden never publicly criticized the lawsuit.

In fact, earlier this week he told CNN that he thought “this is bound to happen.”

Soon after the riots, Biden indicated that the decision was for MPs.

Biden said that Congress has decided what to do to make the decision.

He said impeachment could have an impact on his upcoming legislative agenda, but warned that if it did, it could have a worse effect.

Cane discussed with colleagues last week what he calls a proposal of censure, which could later trigger the 14th Amendment prohibition on someone who has engaged in rebellion or rebellion from the holding office.

He said it intended to incite Trump to rebellion and provide aid and comfort to enemies of the United States.

Cane said he discussed his proposal with Sen. Chris constChris Andrew CoonsHawley files morality backlash against seven Democratic senators who vow to become ‘a force’ under the Biden Democrats, seeking answers on the effects of the Russian cyber attack on the Justice Department, Courts More (D-Del.), One of Biden’s closest Senate colleagues.

Democrats now feel that publicly questioning the point of a test will only give Republicans political ammo and only have to steel themselves to sit through a second impeachment trial in more than a year, regardless of the outcome. Be predetermined.

“It’s a process where if the House does it and sends the papers, [in] The Senate said that our hands are tied.

He said his Democratic colleagues would like to see how the trial goes before entertaining his proposal of censure.


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