Biden: Trump has ‘no notion’ of national security

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Topper, the former vice president said Trump’s comments to Woodward – in a series of 18 interviews for the journalist’s upcoming book “Rage” – were “no surprise.”

“You wonder if the people in the intelligence community were surprised from the beginning if you could share the data with him, because they don’t trust him. They don’t trust what he will say or do,” Biden said . “He feels there is no concept of what constitutes national security, no concept of anything other than that, what can he do to promote himself?”

Biden cited an Axios report that Trump asked if nuclear bombs could be dropped in the middle of the storm to destroy them before the landslide, which Trump has denied. He also pointed to Trump’s remarks last year that the Continental Army “occupied airports” from the British in the Revolutionary War, more than a century before airplanes came into existence. Trump blamed a faulty teleprompter at the time.

“This is someone who probably said that the way to deal with the storm is an atomic bomb on them. I mean – seriously, they said!” Biden said. “I mean, God. Or you know, the problem with the Revolutionary War was that they didn’t have enough airports. I mean, I just – it’s beyond my comprehension.”

Biden then pointed to a recent report by The Atlantic, in which Trump referred to those killed and wounded in the war as “losers” and “victims”. He highlighted the service of his deceased son, Bue Biden, in Kosovo and in the Iraq War, “and all the people with him, the people who died. They are suckers? I mean I can’t fathom.”
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“They are heroes. They are truly heroes. Duty, honor, country,” Biden said. “He talks about whether you can repeat the four words in a line or whatever his petty intelligence test or dementia test is, he doesn’t understand duty, respect, service, country. He doesn’t get it. Or if he gets it. Nobody cares about it. ”

He said: “Related to my walk, he should not be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army. It’s just – no Commander-in-Chief, ever, ever, has acted like this man.”

Biden on taxes, business

The interview took place the day Biden visited Macomb County, Michigan’s major swing area. Trump won Macomb County by 12 percentage points in 2016, making him the first Republican to win the county since 1988. It is representative of the region that Barack Obama won twice, then Trump won four years ago, expecting Biden to shift back to the Democratic column on November 3.

Asked whether Trump could claim victory – rethinking the North American Free Trade Agreement and ending trade gains for China – that Biden was ousted, the former vice president considered Trump’s America -Mexico-Canada Agreement “Better Than NAFTA.”

“But look at what the overall trade policy has done to NAFTA as well. Now we have this huge deficit in trade with London. Not because NAFTA was not made better, because the overall trade policy and how it deals with it , Everything has gone bad, “Biden. said.

In 2009, Biden also continued his role in the Obama administration’s economic reform effort and pointed to the auto industry. And he complained that Trump did not enforce the “Buy America” ​​law.

Biden criticized Trump’s dealings with countries such as North Korea and Iran, saying they gave him credibility.

“I mean, this ‘America First’ has made America alone,” he said.

He also criticized the tax cuts implemented by Trump and the then Republican-led Congress. Biden also said that they would raise taxes on those making more than $ 400,000 per year, raise corporate income taxes by 28%, and impose new penalties for corporations that send jobs overseas to make goods that would later become the United States. Are sold back in the US.

“We’ve got people to invest. And so the idea that we take that money and put it into new investment and manufacturing and education, and health care, I mean, you know, these things Which are important for middle-class families, “said Biden.

Biden’s health

Biden, 77, said he would hide nothing about his health status if he is elected president.

Franklin D. Past presidents, including Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, have not disclosed their health-related issues.

Trump made surprise visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center last year. Trump launched a “quick exam and labs” as part of his annual physical in anticipation of a “very busy 2020”, at which time the White House said of the visit.

In a new book, The New York Times’ Michael Schmidt writes, however, that he learned that “in the hours leading up to Trump’s hospital visit, word went out to the West Wing to take him on standby to the vice president’s presidency.” Powers temporarily if Trump had to go through a process that required an anesthetic. ”

Trump and his doctor said after reporting Schmidt that an ambiguous visit by Walter Reed last year was not in response to a mini-stroke – though neither Schmidt nor other news outlets suggested Trump should be treated for a mini-stroke. Was encountered.

“Anything can happen. I have become a great honor of fate – a great honor of fate. I have seen too much in my family concerning accidents alone. And so I guarantee you, I guarantee you, Me. Be completely transparent in terms of my health, and all aspects of my health, “said Biden.

“And when it comes to me versus Donald Trump, just look at us. Okay? Just look at us. Who seems to be in shape? Who is able to move?” Biden said, laughing about Trump and his allies as “slow joe.”

“Donald Trump – just look at both of us, look at us, and determine that you think I’m not confusing anyone. Not you personally, but the public,” Biden said. “You know, see me. Judge me based on – I know what a job is. I sat in the situation room for hundreds of hours. For eight years I’ve been the vice president in every major decision. I know how hard Work is

He said: “And one more thing I will do, I will take responsibility. I will accept my mistakes when I make them and I will level with the American people.”