Biden to join WHO-backed vaccine initiative

Secretary of State Antony blinkAntony Blinkenfor Joe Biden, an experienced foreign policy team, selects Wendy Sherman for the Biden No. 2 State Department. 25,000 guards now approved for inauguration security. Soldiers exceeded 2,500 in Afghanistan, Iraq The president said Joe BidenJoe Bidenwoman alleges that Trump, arrested in an attempt to sell Pelosi laptops to Russians, has received the lowest job approval in the last days as President Trump moves to lift the coronovirus travel ban in Europe, Brazil. It is intended to join the World Health Organization-led Kovacs to develop and distribute coronavirus vaccines in low and middle income countries.

Biden previously did not officially commit to participating in the initiative.

Blinken told senators during the confirmation hearing on Tuesday, “We firmly believe that we can ensure that every American gets a vaccine, but also helps to ensure that other people around the world who want it Huh.

The Trump administration said in September that it would not join the coalition, provoking criticism by public health experts, who said it represented a near approach to a global effort.

Virtually every country in the world except the US and Russia is participating in the initiative.

The Trump administration said at the time that it did not want to be “constrained by the corrupt World Health Organization and multilateral organizations influenced by China.”

Global health agencies launched the Kovacs project to ensure that poor and developing countries have access to the coronovirus vaccine at the same rate as rich and developed nations.

WHO officials have said that Kovacs needs additional funding to meet its goal of vaccinating at least 20 percent of the population in every country by the end of 2021.

According to the WHO, Kovacs has already ordered 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines, with options for more than 1 billion.

But the organization is warning that rich countries are accumulating vaccine supplements, which could delay delivery of Kovacs-funded vaccines and put poorer countries at risk. Health experts caution that it will not end until it is globally under control.

Laura Kelly contributed


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